I guess this is a whine ...

  1. Ok, I bid on a bag close to the end of the auction but lose out to the previous bidder by like less than $4. I feel sad but know similar bag will show up someday, they always do.

    So today I see the same bag relisted--same seller (good feedback) and it has condition issues so I know for sure it is the exact same bag. I guess the winner (with less that 10 feedback!!) must have backed out, there isn't anything in either of their feedbacks to indicate anything negative happened, plus the auction is so recent, there wouldn't have been time for the buyer to get the bag, say yuck, and return it.

    So now I feel double bad--I lose the bag to someone who didn't want it and the seller didn't even contact me with a second chance offer, or whatever they are called. I don't know if I am going to bid on it again.

    So I am venting here, thank you for listening. :crybaby:
  2. Why don't you contact the seller and ask them to make the auction a BIN for you? Maybe the winner didn't pay and since the original auction ended recently, the seller just decided to put it right back on in hopes of selling it quickly.
  3. It already has some bids but is really really low so far (6 days left to go) so maybe I will do that, thanks for the tip. I know I have read about that on this forum but forgot. Heck, I would even up the amount to what the 'buyer' didn't pay before.
  4. A LOT of sellers don't send second chance offers anymore because the spammers/scammers use them to steal money from unsuspecting potential buyers.
    That's a possible explanation for why the seller didn't send a second chance offer.
    If you really want the bag, then I would email the seller and offer your previous high bid. She may just accept and end the auction early to sell to the highest bidder--which is TOTALLY legitimate and "legal" for a seller to do.
  5. Yeah ITA. Definitely email the seller and see what they say.
  6. hmmm...do you think the seller had someone bid up the item?
  7. ^ :yes:

    Sounds like shill bidding, to me, too.

    Especially if the bag went straight back up for auction very quickly (before a seller would normally have time to know that the buyer was a non-payer) and no negative, or neutral, was left.
  8. Hmmm... :hrmm: I didnt think about that until just now but I think you're right!! Expecially if the "bidder" only had a few feedback
  9. This type of thing happened to me twice in the past week and I wasn't shill bidding. Two winning bidders both e-mailed me after winning their auctions and gave dumb excuses for not paying. eBay makes the seller wait 8 days to file for your fees back and then gives the buyer another 7 days to respond to the dispute. I don't have that kind of time so I immediately re-listed the items.

    It's not worth it for me to wait for more than 2 weeks just to be able to re-list them without having to pay the re-listing fees and in the meantime, I can still carry on with the unpaid item disputes, get my fees back and leave feedback if I choose to do so.

    Just because you don't see where feedback has been left does not mean that it's not going to be. Maybe the seller is waiting to close the dipute before leaving it. If their buyer doesn't respond to the UID, it's best to wait to do this anyway as the buyer then can not retaliate.

    I would never jump to the conclusion that a seller was shill bidding under these circumstances. Sounds to me like this seller got duped by another idiot buyer who signed up for eBay just to play games and waste other people's time and money.