I guess this a test of my patience!

  1. I just have to vent..I know ya'll will understand!

    I came home from visiting a neighbor and saw a fed-ex "sorry we missed you" sticker on my door! I missed them by 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my mirage bandeau and my perle limelight.:crybaby:

    So then I called fed-ex to see if there was ANY way that I can get it and there isn't. The lady told me that they won't deliver again until TUESDAY and so I just have to wait. I have the fiancee hunting this weekend and my son at his Grandma's. I could have taken my babies out for a night on the town!

    The ONLY upside to this is that now I will probably get those two PLUS my copper limelight all on Tuesday. Having 3 packages will be pretty nice I guess but I'm still soooo upset!

  2. aww! but it will be so great when all your goodies come!
  3. oooh i'm soooo sorry. That's really gotta stink!!! why can't they deliver on Monday??? (although even monday would suck)

    can't wait to see pics of your new goodies though!
  4. I hate when that happens!!!!!! But it will be nice to get a bunch of stuff on one day :smile: something to look forward to!
  5. halona...I guess they don't do home delivery on Monday.

    It will be nice to get everything in one day and now I have something else coming too so really I should NOT be greedy about this!
  6. Id've been poed. oh well, patience is a virture, right?
  7. Oh no, sorry you missed it ... yeah that's the thing about fed/ex ... home delivery are only tuesdays to saturdays. Maybe you could pick it up yourself at their distribution center on monday? Or having all of them on tuesday would be awesome too!
  8. lol..a virtue I really don't posess! :sweatdrop:
  9. I am sorry they did not get you your items.
  10. You may not possess virtue but come Tuesday, you'll possess at least one limelight and a bandeau. Keep repeating that and try not to drive yourself crazy while you wait.
  11. That is awsome..you made me smile :flowers:

    I'll ALSO posess a monogram moca agenda but heck...who's keeping track :graucho:
  12. Whoa, you're gonna be so stocked up on LV come Tuesday! Just be sure to let the neighbor visit YOU instead ;). Post photos of your lot when you receive it!
  13. Oh that stinks!!! You're so lucky you're getting both limelights!!!
  14. I'm not getting to KEEP both though! I just ordered both so I could see which one I liked better since I can't buy from the boutique here.

    well....i CAN but I don't want to because if I order from where I do I don't pay tax:graucho:
  15. Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that. That absolutely stinks!
    But Tuesday will defnitely be a sweet day. Let us know which one you decide to keep.