I Guess There’s Still No BMI Minimum @ NYC Fashion Week

  1. [​IMG]
    At the BCBG Max Azria show.

    I enjoyed this show.plus I actually love the dress.

    This particular model looked much skinner in real life.:s
  2. Wow.. her legs are probably the size of my arms !!
  3. She is sooo thin, dress is gorgeous!
  4. Yikes :s
  5. It is unfortunate that consumers still find that acceptable and attractive. If they did not, they would display it with their dollars, their voices and their presence. And except for a few lone voices, no one seems to care; if anything it is encouraged.
  6. OMG, her legs! She is gorgeous though.
  7. I love Chanel Iman!! I don't think she's deathly skinny, I know a lot of girls who are that size naturally, including myself.
  8. Yikes, those legs look like they're going to break any minute.
  9. After reviewing the runway pics at tfs I'm saddened. The models' skinny appearances really take away from the beautiful clothes, IMO. :tdown: Why aren't models beautiful anymore?
  10. Yes thats definitely Chanel Iman! I remember reading about her in Teen Vogue. Shes gets her height from her dad and her weight from her mom. And I also love that dress. :smile:
  11. she's very pretty but looks like a bobble head on 2 toothpicks! yikes, eat a cheese burger honey!
  12. Someone feed her!
  13. :yes:

    I didn't think she was that skinny... She photographs just right in fashion spreads :shrugs:
  14. oh gosh, she looks thin!
  15. This is just taking it too far!!! She really looks sickly!