I guess she really is pregnant!

  1. I was a bit skeptical :suspiciou of Katie Holmes's pregnancy, until I saw these photos today...it's obvious that shes put on weight, esp. in her arms...so I guess she really is pregnant with Tom's baby! But anyway. this is a HUGE belly, it trumps the one from last week by a lot!:blink:










    Love the Balenciaga bag she's looking at, too! Toile is nice!:lol:
    Source: ONTD

    This is a quote from the GQ mag scans:
    "Oh, I—I looked at her. And I went, 'You’re gonna tell me if you're pregnant, aren't you?' It was a moment where… It was one of those things. And I knew at that moment she was pregnant. ’Cuz I notice things in people.”

    Yeah....he's telepathic. pfffft.
  2. poor thing looks miserable. she's definitely about to blow!
  3. I think alot of people were skeptical about her pregnancy. I know i was. Her stomach is huge, however its good to see celebs looking healthy while pregnant. For some reason Angelina Jolie looks like a skeleton with a basketball in her stomach. She looks horrible if you ask me.
  4. Gosh - poor thing, she's about to pop any minute now. I hope for her sake she has the baby soon. I remember being close to the wire. It's so uncomfortable! But then, I wasn't a star with a driver and body guard to help me out.
  5. That is a really humongous belly she has there... 0_o
  6. She does looked a bit tired..bless her...what a CUTE dress!!
  7. awww she looks really fed up now, bet tom cruise is one really fussing over fiance, bet he doesnt let her do anything at home and just makes her sit down! but she looks really unhappy, hope it comes soon
  8. i really love her hair like that but yea she looks exhausted and almost bored as if the only thing she can do is shop or get coffee it must get old
  9. That is a huge belly! She must be due really soon!
  10. She is big
  11. Damn! :blink: That looks uncomfortable. And isn't this probably a bad time to be shoe-shopping?

    Is it me, or has she been pregnant (and huge) forever?
  12. It seems like she's had a gestation period of about 16 mths! I'm surprised she didn't go into labor w/ all the shopping she's been doing. I would have b/c I would have been sooo excited!!:nuts:
  13. Why would she fake her pregnancy?

    Katie looks like she's about to pop! Poor her!
  14. oh my goodness, why does her belly look so much bigger than other pregnant ladies?
  15. She never invested in a good maternity bra:blink: .

    She doesn't look glowing and happy,unlike most celeb moms...