I guess pointy shoes and me do not mix

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  1. I've been looking into getting some pointy heels and everything I've tried or have bought always end up hurting my feet.
    I have somewhat wide feet and even though I buy 1/2 size up my big toe and little toe always ends up getting squoshed and hurts like hell. Some shoes I can barely stick my feet into without feeling the pain and when I finally think I found a pair that'll work with my feet, I put them on and half hour later I'm in immense pain and cant walk.

    HEEELLLPPP!??! I love the pointy shoe look...but I freakin cant sport it! My damn wide feet!!!!

    (I usually have to wear heels, so 3 inches and up....and what ends up happening it my foot will keep pushing forward and start hurting.)
  2. get points in a supple leather that stretch as you wear them! if you break them in (wear thick socks, put on your shoes and walk around the house) they will kinda mold to your feet. My most comfortable points are ones that I had for 4 years and the leather is sooo supple and soft from continuous wear!
  3. Foot Pedals placed in the shoe should help stop your foot from sliding forward. Maybe that will help?

    I can't wear pointy toe heels for a different reason. I'm 4'11, and pointy toe shoes engender an elfin quality I'd rather avoid. =)
  4. I think your best bet is finding a pair that comes in different widths. My mom has wide feet and she has trouble finding right pointy shoes. Ferragamo wide widths fit her perfectly, but Ferragamo unfortunately does not have a wide variety of styles. So not knowing your style, I don't know the brand works for you or not.
  5. Dior does make different widths. I saw a pair of shoes on eBay awhile ago that were a pair of Dior 8D. I assume they make C also. Width B is the "common" one that most shoes come in.

    You may want to take a SA to help you find shoe widths that'll fit your feet more comfortable than trying to shove it into a pointy-toe A or B width.