I guess I've got a thing for studs...

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  1. I'm contemplating a new wallet, and I can't decide what color I want.

    The wallet: the Intrecciato Waxy Stud Continental 3/4 zip-around wallet, with wrist strap (love this!!!)

    Yes, it's rather similar to my Knot, but not quite - :P Only the studs, only the studs ;)

    My regular SA tells me these are only at the Outlets now - my 'enabler' also said she'd seen them there - I called Michael at the Woodbury outlet and he has a yellow (moutarde?) and one in Fire.

    I am leaning strongly toward Nero, however (which is also available to me).

    Does anybody have this wallet? If so, what color? What color do you all think I should go for? I do not have a black bag or black accessories, so this might be the one thing I have in Nero... (ETA and that means it would go with all my bags, wouldn't it ... I think I just answered my own question). But I'd still like to know if anybody has this...

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  2. beautiful wallet and I love the studs. I would go for Nero or Fire
  3. Thanks for your input ...

    ANYBODY? Surely somebody here has this wallet - hmmm.
  4. i would go with Nero, Indiaink. I don't have this wallet, but I don't like orange or yellow color. It depends on your color preference :smile: Sorry, it's not that helpful
  5. I would go for the fire
    because you will always be able to find it in your handbag
    and yes I too love the wrist strap
    I find that I am always grabbing my zip around wallet out of my handbag
    I have to put it under my arm
    if only it had a wrist strap :sad:
  6. Hey my tPF BFF, I would go for a spark of Fire. I love this style. 'Wonder if Cabazon has it.
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    The time zone preempted a call to Cabazon this morning and then I became pleasantly distracted and then I had too many ears in the area. You should call, most definitely.

    Fire would be pretty, and the studs would definitely stand out - and imagine the mental rush when you pull that beauty out of your Purple Haze.

    The two colors are extremely complementary, and you get that straight from an artist's mouth. Er, fingers.

    Wait, I'm talking you into buying this? :roflmfao:

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  8. Well, there you go. I've purchased the Nero. So, I guess I'll be the one who has this wallet - unless my enabling has done its work and at least TWO OF YOU will also be owners - one of the Fire and the other the Moutarde. We can be a BVette Trio...
  9. I want a loud wallet and am in Cali feb to July and was going to check the outlet. I'm thinking perhaps the fire. Which store has it and would you mind giving the price? Congrats on the Nero! You can't go wrong there!
  10. Yay!! Can't wait for a reveal!
  11. Michael at Cabazon Outlet - (951) 849-0348 - $469 + tax where applicable and $15 shipping.
  12. Thanks so much! I wanted so badly to get out there last spring but I have little kids and they'd hate me for that! I grew up in Palm Springs, right there. Those outlets ate endless and there's very little food, if I remember. That's a solo mommy trip!! I'll call over. I think I want a fire hobo and was gonna ask. I have a similar color Kate spade and now my husband says that's the last cheap purse I buy! Ha! I think HE'S got the bug!

  13. You chose well! It looks edgy but not over the top. The other colors probably would be stunning, too.
  14. very cool!
  15. Oh, I love this! I am a stud girl, too...now that sounds a little odd :girlwhack: