I guess I've got a thing for studs: The Reveal

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  1. This is the Last Wallet for me. It's taken me years (literally) to find just the right combination of ease-of-use, space, and that also had a strap!

    With this wallet, I can fit my iPhone in it, if need be, and I love the 'envelope-without-a-flap' style - everything is right where I need it, easy to find, is secure in the wallet, and I don't have to turn the wallet upside down to access the other side (risking losing papers and other things, which I have done with other wallets that don't close up all the way). I can be a serious fuss-budget, which causes me to drop all sorts of things, occasionally. But that is another story.

    This piece has four 'bill' or receipt slots, 8 credit card spaces, center zipped space for odds and ends (I have a separate BV coin purse).

    The 3/4 zip is a nice bonus - much easier to deal with than the full zip situation.

    Plus, the waxed leather is seriously to-die-for - the sheen of it is just so luxurious. Who knew!?!?

    Photos to follow, with a guest appearance by the OMG Closet Troll.
  2. Lovely ...
    smaller_DSC01327.JPG smaller_DSC01326.JPG smaller_DSC01328.JPG smaller_DSC01325.JPG smaller_DSC01329.JPG
  3. He's been a great guidance counselor and protector and deserves his moment.

    (Yes, that's an Armatura Veneta you see underneath him ... )
  4. That is beautiful! Looks like it holds a good amount of stuff too (love the Troll). Congrats on your find.
  5. Indiaink! I love it - Nero and studs are perfect together :smile:
  6. Thank you - we just went on our first errand trip (me and the wallet, not the troll) and it was smooth sailing.

    Miss_FancyBags! I rather think so. This wallet just feels so right! ;)
  7. Congrats on finding the perfect wallet. I'm a sucker for studs as well. Gorgeous find
  8. Indiaink, congrats! The wallet is gorgeous. I love the sheen that comes with the wallet. What color is Armatura? Is it gold? It's perfect with the nero wallet :smile:
  9. Congrats on find your perfect wallet! Versatile and beautiful = :woohoo:
  10. Thank you! I like studs so much I bought studs to put on the trim of a bag(s) I used to like a while back - pre-BV.
    That 'sheen' is the waxed leather - I hope it lasts a good long time. Armatura is silver.
    Thank you!
  11. Nicely done! It is a beauty.
  12. It's really beautiful.
    Finding the right one to suit your needs isn't easy.

    ... and your new wallet is worthy of notice, too. :biggrin:
  13. Just like always elegant , congrats
  14. indiaink - Bitsy Robin very much approves of your new wallet. And as a fellow lover of studs she would like Closet Troll to know that she thinks he is pretty cute!
  15. Thank you!
    It's taken me years to finally hit the right combination of perfect! And Closet Troll thanks you ... :biggrin:

    Sweetie! Thank you!

    Oh NOW you've started something - I've never seen Closet Troll act like this, he's gone nuts -