I guess it wasn't meant to be....

  1. Well....after finding my much coveted Plomb/Steel GGH City, which I owe my deepest gratitude to a fellow PFer, I realized that it wasn't what it thought it would be. It's much heavier than the RH and much too blingy for me. "sigh" It was such a gorgeous bag but after seeing it IRL it hit me right then and there that I knew I would never carry it, so I returned it and am now considering the Steel City in RH. Thank You all for pushing me to get it and at least look at it....you gals are the best!:tup:
  2. oooh so sorry it didnt work out for ya louise but you never know til you see it right? at least thats one down on the list! I'm sure a steel RH city will be a perfect substitute though!
  3. Don't feel bad.:nogood: I returned the Plomb SGH Day too.:yes: I thought one GH bag was enough for me to have and guess what i got instead? a Plomb Day w/RH.:nuts:It is classic and a great substitue for Black.:tup: Some times you have to try these bags in person to see how you feel about carrying them since there are too many choices in colors and styles.:sweatdrop: They are expensive and you don't want to be unhappy and not in love with your purchase. It takes a lot of trying but at the end it worth it.;)