I guess it all starts with a Mono Pochette?

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  1. Hi everyone, I usually hang out in the Balenciaga Forum. I have been Bbag crazy for 4 years now. I have this insane obsession for lovely leather - especially soft and squishy leather! Anyway, being a full-on leather lover, I have actually "bagged" LV in the past...Please don't shoot me yet :shame:...

    I think I have said in the past that I can't believe someone for pay more than $1000 for a canvas bag :yes: Yep...That's what I said. I am so glad there is no firing squad on tPF :rolleyes:

    Anyway, you'll never guess what I did yesterday. I stepped into the world of Louis Vuitton :wtf: Yes, me, I walked through the gold plated glass doors of the Brisbane LV Boutique (after it was opened for me of course...)

    Don't get me wrong. I have always utterly respected the icon of LV. I understand the history and where it has come from. I have always been in awe of their trunks, especially the vintage where the LV Mogogram pattern was individually hand painted each time.

    Ok, so I had a chat with a lovely SA. I could see she was eyeing off my Ivory Balenciaga Matelasse. She commented on how intricate each quilted pillow was on my bag and said how much she adores the Balenciaga leathers and they way they hand stitched their unique quilted pattern on the Matelasse bags, in particular. Well, I was sold from there :love:

    She showed me the Epi & Sulahi ranges. I was gobsmacked:wtf: Could I be falling for LV? I told her my hesitations about buying a canvas bag. She put my reservations at ease by discussing the durability of the canvas and she also spoke about the additional coatings over the top of the canvas adding much more protection that you would ever get on leather.

    Ok, so I take it all back. I am actually selling one of my Bbags to get something in the LV Mono range. I might get something HUGE or I may start off with a Pochette with double extenders on the strap. I was so impressed of the complete range at LV...We don't have a Balenciaga Boutique in Australia and I really missed that accessibility to extra tassels and spare mirrors in case one broke. Whereas, LV has it all :yahoo:They have spare cow hide straps, gorgey gold plated extenders and probably so much more I wasn't introduced to.

    Can I say I am so impressed and I hope to join the LV Ranks soon. Is this the beginning of another long obsession for me?

    Sorry for the long post...
  2. Yay, welcome to the brown side ... you will not regret it! You should also check out Eluxury.com and Vuitton.com and see all (well, most) of what they have to offer! Keep us posted on your first LV purchase!
  3. glad to see you had a pleasant experience at LV. it doesn't always have to start with a pochette or a speedy. get whatever calls to you!!!

    i was once sticker shocked by LV, but once you start, you definitely can't stop.

    i recommend stopping by the clubhouse forum and looking at all the different threads to see modeling pictures etc.
  4. Welcome to the LV side .. you can get limited range of B-Bags here ..I know that Jean Brown in the valley stocks them:tup: Glad you had a good experience at LV QP too.
  5. I would start off with a bang! dontt go for a pochette or speedy..they are always great---but it all dpeends wheteher you want monogram--maybe get a tivoli? or if you want Multicolor go for a marilyn or audra if you like to stay on the smaller side..blah blah basically go to Louisvuitton.com and search trhough allllllllll the bags and see what catches your eye.
  6. funny you are just getting into LV, i just recently got curious about Bbags and CANNOT decide what color to get..its soooo confusing they are all amazing..so im stuck..
  7. welcome, watch out, the first one is never going to be your last. :smile:)
  8. lv wiill become like a drug habit
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone...Hmmm, I recognise a few Bal-gals over here...shalomjude - LV QP ay??? Could you be a fellow Brisbane pal? I'm on the Sunshine Coast...
  10. Yay! Welcome to the brown side! So glad that you had a wonderful experience at an LV boutique and that you had a wonderful and knowledgeable SA. Like the others have said, start out with a bag that is calling your name loud and clear. Check out louisvuitton.com, e-luxury.com, and the reference and club sections of this sub-forum to get an idea. You're right --- there are soooo many options available!! Have fun in your search!! Once the LV bug bites you though, you will be on another long-lasting love affair.... LOL
  11. Will the Pochette be your gateway LV? keep us posted:graucho:
  12. Yay... welcome to the dark side!!!

    The addiction never stops! :p
  13. Welcome to the LV dark side.
  14. Welcome!
    Once you get that first LV you'll just want more, more, more.:yes:
  15. Hi KDC!! Welcome to the brown Box side!! I love LV for the fact that it last forever!!