I guess I wasn't content afterall

  1. Just this morning I posted in Kellybag's thread that I was happy with my collection and wasn't really looking to add anything. This afternoon though, I wen't to Hermes to take my Bearn in for repair (which I was happily surprised to find out would be free) and my SA said she was just about to call me. A few months ago I asked her to look for a Christine after I became obsessed with the one on the LZ website. I had given up hope that she would ever find one but today she told me she had finally found one. And it was gold togo. After seeing it in person I knew it was for me, it is the perfect shoulder bag. I plan to use this bag when I travel. I will have the luxury of Hermes craftsmanship and fabulous leather and the security of knowing that no one will recognize it as Hermes. I love this bag, it fits all of the things I carry in my Kelly plus my guidebook, little French dictionary, journal, magazine, and umbrella. Now I feel my collection is complete, perfect handbag, perfect tote, perfect shoulder bag and perfect going out bag. I don't even think I need a Bolide anymore. I am attaching a picture of my bag, loaded with all my stuff. Also, my SA gave me the cutest little box with samples of Eau des Merveilles bath gel, lotion and small bottle of eau de toilette.
  2. DianaGrace, what a fabulous bag! I love the Christine. It looks wonderful in gold togo. Congrats!
  3. Good for you!! You were able to get something that you really wanted. She's very pretty and you'll be very happy on your trips together:heart:
  4. I love it!
  5. Isn't it great to find exactly what you want?
    Looks like a perfect travel bag!! Enjoy!!!
  6. Oh how pretty, is the strap long enough to carry it across your body, messenger style? it looks great in that color, I have never seen one in real life!
  7. Super nice Hermes..it has it all!
  8. OMG I love it!!!!!!! :nuts: Congrats!!!! Heehee I was obsessed with the one L-Z had too! :yes:
  9. LOL!!! Dianagrace!!! I completely understand!!!! Beautiful bag and fantastic that you will be able to fill many needs with her! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wear her well and OFTEN!!!
  10. Sounds like a wonderful addition to your collection..enjoy! And what nice treats!
  11. Congratulations! So understated. Definitely perfect for those "under the radar" days!
  12. Dianagrace, that is so beautiful! I've never given the Christine a second look but I have a change of heart after seeing it in Gold Togo. Congratulations! I'm always looking for the perfect travel shoulder bag that I can wear messenger style. May I ask what the dimensions are and the drop length of the strap? What is the interior like? Thanks!
  13. I LOVE the Christine! You're a lucky lady to have found one. It looks great in gold. Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Thank you so much ladies, I really do love this bag.

    Avan and 24: I do not think this bag can be used as a messenger, at least not on me (I never wear bags messenger style, I would need a breast reduction to do that) .

    24: I found a tape measure and the bag is approximately 11 inches tall and 14 inches wide at the widest part. It is about 3 inches deep at the bottom. There is about a 15 1/2 inch drop from the top of the strap to the top of the bag. The inside has one small interior pocket which can fit my GM agenda. I tried to take interior pictures but I am not you and they didn't turn out well. The bag is lined in the same leather as my Kelly. It is a really lovely bag.
  15. Dianagrace, thank you so much for the info! I remember seeing one at the top shelf at FSH, but I wasn't crazy about the color. I'll have to try one of these on in person. Don't worry about interior pictures; I just saw one on eBay and it looks like it has one patch pocket. Thank you again! =)