I guess I dont have to wait for PCE for my Heritage tote!

  1. My family got me the Heritage tote, matching wristlet and mini skinny!!! I kinda had a clue this morning when my little guy told me that "they didnt get me a pocketbook from Coach!" Thats a dead giveaway coming from a 5 year old!!! I'm impressed though -I was really looking at the small one, but he said no way would that be big enough for me to carry everyones stuff around in, so he got the medium. Plus he knows I always match! I'm pretty sure my daughter had a lot to do with this selection too! I love it and cant wait to use it for outings in the summer. Oh, and I already had the butterfly keyfob waiting to be used - it goes perfect on the little D ring!
    heritage tote 001.jpg heritage tote 004.jpg
  2. So cute donnalynn! The set looks great together, and I love the butterfly with it too! It's a perfect match, and brown and red look so snazzy together. :smile: Happy Valentine's Day!
  3. Very nice. Congrats
  4. this is very cute, I have a quick question though. I don't know if it's how it looks or what but it's throwing me off a bit...........is the signature part fabric or is it coated?? It looks coated online and in your pics. Just curious.
  5. The set is fab! Your Butterfly is a perfect match! Happy V-Day!!

    spacytracy: The bag is a coated canvas (like the LV bags).
  6. So cute and what a sweet family you have! Congrats!!!
  7. awww thats a really cute story! it is true that 5 year olds can't lie :rolleyes:
  8. love that keychain on the bag!!!
  9. Oh how sweet of your family! You are one lucky girl!!!!! Everything is gorgeous, congrats!!!!!
  10. Congrats girl.. they're very beautiful!! :biggrin:
  11. ahh thank you, I thought I was losing my mind and seeing things!
  12. Awww that is so cute! What a wonderful gift!
  13. Congrats, that's so sweet of them! The whole set is gorgeous and the butterfly keyfob is PERFECT on the tote...the red coordinates perfectly with the hangtag!
  14. pretty and the butterfly looks cute too :biggrin:
  15. Wow... what a great surprise.... I love that bag, and the butterfly is perfect for it.