I guess I am poisoned by Hermes.....

  1. Two of my colleagues were wearing different shades of green today. When I saw them in the meeting, I said (softly to myself) "OMG, it's Chartreuse & Vert Anis".

    The other day I was playing "Tetris" and I was so automatically using Hermes color to refer to the color of the blocks. "Alright here comes Blue Jean.....ok, now, this is Cyclamen. Well, this is Vert Anis and here comes Blue Jean again". :p

    Hopefully one day I won't name my children, if I ever have any, Etoupe, Potiron, or Vert Olive!! :rolleyes:
  2. It's a lovely reference point - sounds like good fun to me!
  3. You are not alone!! :upsidedown:
  4. although little 'clemence' and 'ebene' doesn't sound so bad . . .
  5. haha! i do that too!
  6. babyskyblue, I completely understand. I really wanted to name my dd "constance", but dh was not keen.
  7. I think "Constance" is a very sweet name though......
  8. Thanks BabySkyBlue! If I have another little girl, I will twist my dh's arm to win this battle.
  9. I have this same problem, but its not really a problem kwim?
    I look at the world thru H colors too!
    Etoupe would really be a cute nickname.
  10. LOL! If I ever have a DD, I'll pet-name her Potiron instead of Pumpkin!
  11. :tup: Some of the leathers have nice names for children:p
  12. i was doing that before with blues. it's quite terrible i tell you...
  13. It's fairly comon with H-addicts, there's no need to call the poisoning center for this :p
  14. So...at what point do we call poison control? Does anyone know?
  15. that is so cute!