I Guess Dr Friggin Phil Didn't Learn From His Last Publicity Stunt

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  1. Apr 12th 2008 TMZ Staff
    [​IMG]Apparently Dr. Phil didn't learn much from his interference with Britney Spears. Paging Dr. Fame whore.

    The talk show host has allegedly posted bond, which was set at $30,000, for one of the eight teens that was arrested for severely beating another teenager in Florida. The highly publicized case has been in the news for over a week now, and Dr. Phil must want some of that action.

    A bail bondsman told several local media outlets that Mercades Nichols, who has been widely reported as the alleged "ringleader," had her bond paid by the show's producers. When Nichols left the jail, a man who claimed to be a producer for the Dr. Phil show helped escort Nichols and her mom.

    Mercades's grandmother recently told local reporters that she didn't have the money to bail her granddaughter out.

    According to reports, the producer then told reporters to leave the jail because the Dr. Phil show had exclusive rights to the delinquent's story. He did not comment on if Dr. Phil had helped pay for her bond.

    Recently the judge presiding over the case imposed a strict gag order -- how this move will affect Nichols and her case is unknown for now.

    Reps for the Dr. Phil show could not be reached.
  2. He is a jerk, he shouldnt encourage such acts.What does he care,he is trying to get fame out of a horrible story.its Sad.
  3. He can definitely afford it, I read that he made $90 million dollars last year!
  4. Please, that girl needed a little harsh treatment because what she and the others did to the victim was just WRONG. I can understand two girls getting into a fight because I know it happens all the time but premeditated violence is pure evil.
  5. ITA...girls get into fights, but this was not just a FIGHT!...Dr.phil is a f****** loser after I saw what he did to Britney I just hated him more:tdown:
  6. Sick if true, completely sick.
  7. Dr. Phil Pulls the Plug on Teen Violence Show
    Posted Apr 12th 2008 7:04PM by TMZ Staff
    [​IMG]TMZ has received an exclusive statement from a spokesperson for the Dr. Phil show:

    "We have helped guests and potential guests in the past when they need financial assistance to come on the show - assisting with clothing allowance, lost wages, accommodations, travel and necessities. In this case, certain staff members went beyond our guidelines (re: the bail being paid). These staff members have been spoken to and our policies reiterated. In addition, we have decided not to go forward with the story as our guidelines have been compromised."

    This isn't the first time Dr. Phil has had a show idea blow up in his face ... this year!
  8. I live in the u.k so I dont know too much on this guy aside from the repeats of his show on living tv, can you guys explain whats so crooked about him, thanks??
  9. Well he started off on Oprahs show and soon after got his own show...He likes to get involved in high profile situations, so he can get attention. For example, when britney spears was in the hospital her parents called him and told him to come help britney...well instead of helping her he went and made statements to the media:tdown:
  10. Dr Phil is a BIG DWEEB....loser....!!
  11. Certain staff members? They all are probably called Phil...
  12. :nogood:
  13. Hopefully the plug will be pulled on his show after this little stunt! I can't stand him. He is such an ass!
  14. I don't know Dr. Phil personally so I can't really comment on him in much detail but I don't see anything wrong with him starting out on Oprah and then getting his own show. Good for him!!

    Also, I'm not so sure I believe all the media hype about the Britney situation to be honest.

    I'm not saying he's a saint....but I'm also not going to jump on the "let's hate Dr. Phil" bandwagon.

    I do know that we can all only speculate as to his true intentions - but I have seen people receive help from him and have their lives changed (regardless of his intentions) and I think in this world there are MUCH worse things a person could be doing.

    Just my 2 cents. ;)
  15. I cannot tollerate his self-righteousness. HE is the one in need of serious help for delusions of grandeur!