I grabbed the last fendi off of saks!

  1. I feel weird making a new thread for this, but I was excited so I had to tell someone! I was having a sad morning because one of my former friends sent me a mean email. I stay away from drama and she is just evil. I haven't even read the email, I let someone else give me a summary of the bits that wouldn't make me cry (hey I'm emotional). Those bits made me :crybaby:(sad not cry). Anyway, I have a lot of homework to do so I was trying to cheer myself up. Found myself on this forum of course:smile:. Then I checked my email and it said that a lot of stores were having additional cuts on their sales, so naturally I browsed. I never find anything, but today I did! It wasn't a MUST HAVE but it was a MUST HAVE since it was on sale!
    I clicked on it and the only size left was 7.5 .Depending on the shoe, I'm a 7.5 or 8...but this was a wedge so I figured I might be able to squish in:p. Teehee... I went back to get a picture to post up here and it said "this product is no longer available".:wtf: I'm so glad I rushed to get it!

    I have another fendi B-shoe I bought last year off of eluxury (the black one), its a perfect fit but its an 8 so I don't know how this will work-might have to return it.
    Anyway, it got my mind a little more off :cursing:. $158 w/free shipping@ Saks.com .What do you guys think??!:graucho:
    fendssjpeg.JPG Picture 220 (Large).jpg Picture 221 (Large).jpg Picture 222 (Large).jpg
  2. I think they are both beautiful...you have sensible taste in shoes...I can't wear those skinny high heels - I know it sounds funny, but I broke my leg Skiing and the doctor put it back on wrong...my leg LOL :roflmfao:

    no it is not backwards or anything, just off a bit, so I must be careful! :wtf: I like the stacked heels and these that have a sturdy base to them.

    Those black ones you bought last year are the prettiest Bs I think I have every seen...:drool::drool:

    Congrats :yahoo:!
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your leg, but I'm glad you can still use them! You're right about the shoe being sensible (not sure how sensible I am though), I actually bought it because I wanted something a little more comfortable. Why should I suffer aching feet all the time? As clumsy as I am these would also be safer in some situations:biggrin: I love the black ones as well, surprisingly its not too comfortable though:push:
  4. Beautiful shoes
  5. Lovely shoes and it sounds like you deserve them! :heart:
  6. Love them :heart:
  7. Great shoes
  8. congrats!!