I gotta stop!

  1. I bought 4 bags within the last 5 days!!! 2 LeSportsac classic and 2 Toki... All with great discount that I cannot resist...

    I really need to stop!
  2. You didn't get Lesportsac Boutique? Those are best Lesportsacs by far!
  3. i want to see those bags in person but there's no LSS store near me.

  4. i totally know what you mean! with the foresta rerelease, i treated myself to one (even though it'll be the most expensive toki i've purchased) & i couldn't pass up my perfect vacanze zucca (selling the bags i got from LSS.com to make up for it) nor my perfect spiaggia zucca. :nuts: i think i will be safe after they arrive.. i can't see myself wanting anything else. *knocks on wood*
  5. haha...i need to stop also! but lately ive been good, for every new bag i buy i sell one