I gotta have a bay! need help!


Which bay?

  1. Royal Blue Vertical Shopper

  2. Regular Bay - in Orange

  3. Messenger - in Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I was in NM today and the royal blue bay absolutely jumped at me. They only had it in the vertical shopper though and that won't fit over my shoulder. Sooo.... I need your expert help here deciding what color to buy. I am a bbag 'ho and I :heart: blue - BUT I have an indigo bbag (in my avatar) so should I not get the blue bay???? If not, I'm wondering about the regular one or the messenger.

    HELP me decide!:confused1:
    bamessenger.jpg bay.jpg
  2. my vote: regular in orange...very pretty
  3. my vote: messenger in black
  4. Regular one. =)
  5. If you want color...I say orange. It is just lovely!
  6. If you love the blue, go for it. It's different enough from the Bbag that you can still own both. :yes:

    Nice to see another Chloe-Bal crossover person like me!
  7. go for the messenger!
  8. OK, I got the orange regular one. I will post pics later. My first Chloe - yay!
  9. You choose orange? I'm curious...waiting for the pics...:yes:

    Congrats for your first Chloé :yahoo: Enjoy it...;)
  10. Yay! I think orange was the best choice :yahoo:

    Can't wait to see pics!!!