I gotta bargain: Michael Kors

  1. for a whopping.....$220 from Loehmanns, was $440 w/additional 50% off. Same bag is "on sale" at NM for $648
    Check your Loehmanns...Michael Kors Collegiate Shoulder Bag

  2. Congrats on the deal!!!
  3. total steal! I think Selena and Jessica Simpson have this bag, no?

    here's the ebony color at NM

  4. I got a Michael Kors for dirt cheap yesterday.

    The Saratoga East West Satchel was $288 originally, and I ended up getting it for $25! :smile:
  5. That's quite a deal! Congrats!
  6. Such a great deal!! Doesn't it feel good when you save money like that?! Congratulations---nice bag.
  7. Yep I have it in black but I didnt pay $200 for it :hysteric: Love the brown however!! Congrats on the score! Its a great comfortable bag you will love using it.
  8. I love Loehmanns!
  9. Lovely.
  10. We don't have a Loehmanns nearby...WAAAH
  11. Amazing deal.
    And a very cute bag!
  12. i just love deals like that!! congrats!
  13. I'm happy for you, it's great to get good deals on bags!!, especially when they are Michael Kors, luv his bags!!
  14. oh congrats! i LOVE a good deal!
    considering our tastes are so expensive, we deserve a break every once in a while!
    good looking bag you got yourself there too!
  15. Thanks for the:love: ladies. I'd been looking at this bag since October. I refused to pay $1200 for it. Saw it a Loehmann's a while back, still refused to pay $648, went there yesterday, it was marked down and additional off. I had to get it at that point. Such a bargain.