I gots... PIX of LVoe scarf + mono Shawl

  1. Allô!

    SA called on V-day to tell me that Montreal, Canada just got the LVoe scarves! Woohoo! I went on Friday (yesterday) to pick up the scarf and rejected the bandeau cuz there was something wrong with it... As some of you might also know, I've been thinking about a shawl too. I got mixed responses from people, some saying that it's very fragile and prone to pulls, others didn't think so. Blah! Not that fragile imo... lol Oh! remember when I asked about the difference between the denim and mono shawls... Well besides the qualitative differences, apparently they're BOTH THE SAME PRICE (410$CAD) and SAME SIZE (just that denim is 2 tone)!!! So ya... I got Champagne cuz the 2-tone Denim shawl screamed LV too much...

    -Montreal has the CHARMS scarves (pink and grey) for 420$CAD (I think... forgot the price lol). Blah... I personally have no attraction to cotton scarves.
    -Montreal will be renovating soon and they're gonna pull down a wall to make room for SUNGLASSES!!! coming to my home in April-March :biggrin: Thus making Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto the only stores in Canada to provide sunnies!
    -Amour scarf is still available after 2 weeks... I think no one wants it here...

    Lastly, PIX!




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  3. wow, so beautiful! look so great on you!
  4. congrats! it looks so fabulous on you!
  5. you look great in it! i love the shawl! thanks for posting! now i want one too!
  6. wow Cecille... :drool:

    the LoVe scarf is pretty. is LV-OE printed or part of the weave like a jacquard?

    the shawl is gorg too... champagne is an excellent choice. love it!
  7. thanks guys! now I'm outta here for Chinese New Year dinner! 88 la! (<--...you'll get this if you're Chinese... lol)
  8. I just saw these on vuitton.com. LVovely! :smile:
  9. Thanks ducky!...

    No it's not printed... and I dunno what Jacquard means...lol... However, I don't like the LVoe scarf all that much to tell you guys the truth... it's VERY HARD (or stiffer than most other silk scarves...)
  10. Congrats...they're gorgeous!
    Is the Charms scarfs you're talking about similar to the Charms line of bags?
  11. Stunning!:nuts: I love your LVOE scarf and the shawl is gorgeous.:love:
    You're so glamourous in your new stuff!:wlae:
  12. everything is sooo beautiful! You always wear the scarfs so perfect! It looks great on you!
  13. Cecilia! You are so beautiful!:love: I love the LVoe scarf!
  14. NO! not at all! I'll draw a pic once I get back from dinner (maybe in 3 hours?....) but first, I'll describe it: Comes in light pink and gray, pink has pink charms and gray has white (?) charms. The dangling charms are on the 2 EDGES of the scarf and I think they're plastic....
  15. oooh very pretty!! congrats!