I gots nuttin' but love for you...

  1. :heart:I just wanted to say that I love you gals (and guys) here. I have been on TPF for just a few months, and have enjoyed every day of it. I love your gorgeous handbags, I love the vast knowledge you guys share, I love your helpfulness, I love your sassy senses of humor and how cleverly you guys word new thread titles, I love your little tiffs with each other (and make-ups...lol), I love your passion for beautiful things and at the same time your confessions of taking your passions a little too far sometimes, I love your honesty.

    (NO I'M NOT HIGH...) I just love being part of this wonderful community, and I wanted you to know.:heart:
  2. We love you, too!

    (And quoting the hook from a Heavy D song . . . NICE!)
  3. Like that? ;)
  4. I read the title of the thread, and I was like, "That looks REALLY familiar!"

    The song is Got Me Waiting by Heavy D & The Boys.
  5. Me too!:heart:
  6. Aw, thanks caitlin and maggie. =)
  7. I know what you are feeling, I love it here too!
  8. me too:heart:
  9. Ditto:smile:
  10. I know how you feel! :yes:
  11. :biggrin: I'm with you on this one!
    I love this forum to bits :heart:
    Just wonderful coming here everyday with all these lovely kind people!
  12. I feel ya. I love it here too.
  13. I love it here and everyone too! Thanks to Fayden for getting me hooked! She's really the only friend I can speak to who loves bags as much as I do and sees nothing wrong with spending the money for it...basically no bag shaming coming from her or any of you guys!!

    Thanks to Vlad and Megs for creating this place so we can obsess even more!

    I never knew there were these many people with a designer bag addiction...I always end up encountering those that bag shame me!

  14. My daughter and I love Fayden's doll thread and love when she posts new pictures of her girls. She sounds like a great person!

    Yes, you are right...thanks be to Vlad and Megs the most. :yes:
  15. Ah such a lovely post, glad you love it here as much as me :flowers: