I Got Yer Red Right Here!

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  1. WOWZER!!! :wtf:

  2. Gee, it even matches my little red car! :devil:
  3. Wow!
  4. ^ur so funny!
    it also match ur smiley too anyway..:p

    so what r u waiting for??go get it!it's super pretty!!
  5. i love red bags!
  6. Love, love, love it in red. Talk about a statement!
  7. agreed! I bet it's stunning IRL. :tup:
  8. Wow- it's VERY red. I don't know- there's something about it I don't like. Too shiny maybe? :shrugs:
  9. I adore red but the only problem with statement bags like this is, it's easy to bore of them quickly. My coffer is black and I know it's going to be a bag I use for a very long time.
  10. ^^^Oh I'd NEVER spend that much money for a bag like this (I'd wimp out and go with a neutral), but I have to say that this red bag ROCKS, SO much nicer than the red patents floating around this spring!!! :rochard:
  11. I saw it IRL and personally I would buy brown or black. The red as a color is gorgeous but combined with the design it is a bit too much, at least for me.

    If you like bold fashion statements this definetely is one.
  12. I saw that one a while back and I've been drooling over the photo ever since! It's AMAZING! I need to lose some pounds before getting it tho cause I have a while coffer and it just doesn't look as cute on me as I'd like while toting this huge hind end around! hehe
    I have a red car too psycho and I think we both NEED this bag! lol
    Thanks so much for posting the photo to remind me of the bag. I've gotten a little less obsessed lately. Maybe this will rejuvenate my bag-lusting. LOL