I got vintage Kelly on e bay and now I need your help!

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=170150147610&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=007

    here is the link.
    I want to repair it .Where I should go ?

    I logged in on e bay and I saw it when it was 4 seconds left and I won it!!!!
    I felt like we need each other,very strange feelings :wtf: for the bag right away ! Funny, a?
    I am in to Chanel.
    Never had any Hermes,but I have much respect for Hermes .
    I would love to repair this bag and carry it with love.

    Can you tell me your opinion on the bag and where I can repair it.
    Thank you very much.
  2. Congrats!!! You made a wonderful purchase, that is an heirloom bag. I was eyeing it myself, actually, but am sort of overloaded on vintage bags at the moment. I'm so glad it went to someone who will love and appreciate it!!

    The only place I would ever send an Hermes item to be repaired would be straight to Hermes. Where do you live? If you're in the states, your bag will be sent to NYC to be repaired by Claude (or Pierre) most of the time. On some occasions if there's an unusual issue with it, it will get sent to Paris by your local store. They normally keep them for about 6-8 weeks. If you are in Europe or Asia, I believe all of their bags get sent to Paris. Regardless, just take it (or send it, if you're not nearby) into the nearest Hermes boutique to you.

    This bag has some cracking, nothing horrible, but just be aware that this can't really be fixed and will remain cracked. This is very common with antique box leather and doesn't impact the functionality of the bag or its beauty when carried. They can of course restitch the loose stitches, and that can almost always be done by the craftsman in the boutique. This may cost a nominal amount or it may be free, depending on the SA or craftsman you deal with.
    If your handle is damaged and needs to be replaced, expect to spend about $450 for a new handle, and possibly you might need to replace the little "divots" of leather that hold the handle onto the bag--those are $400 each I believe.
    Oh and one last thing: the color of your Kelly is Rouge H, considered by many to be the quintessential and most desired Hermes color, especially in box leather.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS! It's lovely!
  4. THANK YOU dear Synthia for quick reply .
    I live in San-Fransisco.
    I guess I have to go the HERMES there for repair ?
  5. Hmmmm.... The problem I see here is that vintage Box leathers are different than current Box leather and so you will have different leathers for the body and the handle if they replace it.....probably even slightly different in color. Vintage Box calf was thicker because it was tanned differently.......Cracking can not be fixed so wherever it's cracked will remain cracked. Re-stitching is no problem though!

    I say just take it to your nearest Hermes and see what they recommend!
  6. Yep, I would bring it to them. I don't believe they have a craftsman there, so they will send it on to our dear Claude here in New York.
    Based on the condition of the bag, it looks to me like he should only have it for about 8 weeks--but that's a guess, of course, based on the numerous vintage bags I have brought in. Things do get much busier for him around Christmas, so I would try to do it as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the reminder, by the way...he's got one of mine and it should be nearly time to pick it up.
  7. D - they actually keep old stock of hides exactly for this purpose. We had a bag here that was sent to PAris to have a new handle made...this bag was vintage (it belonged to a client, and my SA showed it to me). When it came back, they had MATCHED to 30-odd year old black boxcalf!!!! And so I asked, and was told they do keep supplies of some leathers for repair purposes, but I expect it all depends on the luck of the draw.
  8. WHOA!!!!!! Really????? I am SO glad to hear this, GF because sometimes I pass on bags that I think are marginal because of just this reason.....I'm always afraid the leathers won't match up!!!! This is GREAT news!!!!!
  9. I know nothing about repairs, etc. but just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on winning this STUNNING beauty!:drinkup: Enjoy her in the best of health and please post before and after pics when you get a chance (I'd be curious to see the difference). CONGRATULATIONS once again!:yahoo:
  10. Wow!! GF, thanks so much for sharing this info.
    I had wondered about that in the past, as I have had several pieces replaced on vintage Kellys, but never asked exactly how they managed to get the new piece to match the old so nicely. Never occurred to me to ask, actually. Duh.
  11. Congratulations on winning such a beautiful bag!!!

  12. Congratulations!
  13. GF: Thanks for the info! I didn't know this. Amazing that H still keep vintage leathers.
  14. berkeley: you've won yourself a beautiful bag. Nice color. CONGRATS!
  15. I don´t see anything to repair on this beauty. Gorgeous bag, congratulations!