I got very very lucky... my first stam!!!

  1. Got it from Nordies while doing some year-end shopping with my hubby. I saw this one beauty on the sale table along with a few other Balenciaga bags. This just stood out from the rest. I wasn't planning on buying anymore bags this year but when the SA said I better look at the price tag inside, I was shocked! I can't believe my eyes - $539.90 for this beauty!!! :nuts: The bag was marked $1350 with a Nordstrom price tag, and then marked down to $809.90, then $539.90. I didn't let go of it. I was also able to convince my hubby that this is a VERY good deal even though he is clueless with what bag it is. I told him I've been wanting to get this classic MJ bag since it came out and can't pass on this great deal right? :okay: The SA was even telling me she was contemplating about getting the bag for herself, too. Well, I guess timing was everything. I was there just a few moments after they put the bag out. She said somebody bought it last time for the $809.90 price, then returned it and the bag has been sitting at the back storage for a while and nobody knew it was still there. So when they finally found it, they had to mark it down even further. So there, I think it was really meant to be mine! I wasn't even sure what kind of stam it is, but I later found out from this forum that I got the Elastic Quilted Stam which actually retails for $1695! :yahoo:Wow that is about 70% off! Anyway, here is my lovely Stam along with my other MJ leather tote which I also got on sale.
  2. uhm are they still marked down for 539$$, i'm gonna ask Barneys to price match if they are...i just bought the same bag for 750$ at Barneys....also tell me what color is it...it looks like my plum but i think it's black
  3. It is black, with patent-like leather. This is the only MJ bag I saw there, I bought it from Nordstrom in Arden Fair mall Sacramento. Oooh $750 is still a good price, are there any more at that Barneys? Which Barneys did you get it from?
  4. Wow, congrats! What a STEEEEAAAAL on a gorgeous bag:drool:. Way to ring in the new year eh??:heart:

    The two of them look so cute together too!
  5. Thanks! BTW, Anyone can tell me the style/model and from which collection my tote bag is from? I have no clue.
  6. your tote is the irina tote
  7. Thank you so much jun3machina!
  8. welcome. i have the longer one, kinda east west....although now i wish i had picked up the one your style is in...the open top on mine and the long shape kinda makes me uncomfortable using it...since i feel like somethings going to fall out....makes me paranoid, but the leather and detailing is divine!!!

    congrats on the stam too...that's such an amazing deal!! and the color is gorgeous!
  9. it's really wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You did! I live right around there, I'm going to give them a call. Thanks!
  11. Well, this tote for me is huge! I sometimes hit other things when I'm out shopping with it :lol:, plus not too comfortable carrying it on the shoulders for me. But I like carrying it when I'm out travelling though. Not sure if it will be sturdy enough to hold a laptop, guess I'll try one of these days. But yes, I like the details and how well made this bag is, so overall still a very nice tote. :tup: BTW, do you know when this bag came out?
  12. um...i think it was S/S 07
  13. It's unbelievably gorgeous roussel!:nuts::love: I agree that it was meant to be yours. Such an amazing way to bring in the new year. Enjoy her!!

  14. i got it at barneys in chicago it was 679$ plus tax and shipping. enjoy your wonderful bag, i think i'm gonna call barneys just to see if they decreased the price on my bag...
  15. 539.90 is a steal! Beautiful stam - congrats!