I got very lucky!

  1. I am a lucky girl!

    I got a phone call this weekend from my SA to let me know something I wanted had arrived!

  2. do tell do tell
  3. Congratulations! What is it?
  4. SWEEPS MONTH!!!!!
  5. OFL, SO excited for you!!! Can't wait to hear/see what it is!!!
  6. Well, it turns out that it's something that isn't being offerred next season, so I feel very fortunate!
  7. :nuts::nuts::nuts: Please do tell!!!
  8. More Hints!!!!!!
  9. lets get this party started!
  10. raisin???
  11. Hmmmm - could be!
  12. Raisin Box?:drool:
  13. No, not quite. I'm going to lunch in a few minutes. Should I make you wait or show you what I got?
  14. OMG SHOW US PLEASE!!!! I am terrible at waiting!!!!!!!!!
  15. Don't make us wait! Pleeeease? :popcorn: