i got totally busted at chanel at saks tonight

  1. i told you guys that my chanel earrings i got broke. well after calling the Saks chanel yesterday i brought them in tonight. the guy i spoke with was not there- just 2 women. i showed her the earrings and she checked and they did have another pair. i told them i got them as a gift (which i didn't. i bought them from someone). she said she needed proof of purchase and asked me the person's name i got them from. i panicked and gave my sil's name- which is ridiculous because she has the same last name as me. they checked and of course she didn't have any record of it. she asked for my sil's zip. i gave it to her- again no record. i told her that i didn't know if she got it at Saks and i didn't bring them there because it was Saks but because saks is the closest chanel to me. they were most convenient to me so i went there. they asked me if i could call her they would not fix or exchange the earrings without some proof of purchase. while i understand that what if she got them as a gift from someone else and regifted them to me or got them at the boutique or bloomies.

    anyway she asked if i would call and i blurted the first thing that came to mind:

    "i think she's at temple" omg i am going to hell. she said "oh, yes, it's shabbas" oy. it's true my sil could have been at temple (she and my brother and nieces do go a lot of friday nights) but i think the woman probably thought i was lying since our last name is irish (even though we're 100% jewish).

    anyway bottom line is they will not repair, exchange or anything the earrings without proof of purchase. i guess i'll have to just bring them to a regular jewlery store. i'm a little bummed and a little embarassed but i truly do not understand the 12th degree i got since they were in a chanel box with all the tags etc.

    after that she wasn't too nice to me either. i looked at another pair of earrings i wanted and after holding them up i thought they were too big for me. she said they weren't. she said "well, theyre not too big for me why would they be too big for you?" which i find a weird thing to say.

    anyway, thats my story. busted.
  2. Your story is quite hilarious! It may have been a tad embarrassing but just think, now you have a story to entertain your friends with.
  3. Thast was extremely rude...and weird! :wtf:
  4. oh believe me i have told everyone who will listen so far. lol.

    i thought it was rude too. i was a little shocked by her. but then again i wasn't telling the truth so who am i to complain? i just don't know why it matters where they came from. they're chanel. she did call saks jewlery repair to see if they would fix them but they weren't there.

    do you think i would have better luck at the regular chanel store or should i just go to a jewlery store in my neighborhood?
  5. Can you get the receipt from the person who sold them to you?
  6. Hehe....your story is amusing because it wasn't me. But believe me, I've tried to pull similar things.

    Like when I got my first LV bag, and it was off eBay and I wanted to get it verified by the LV store. Well they were a little snotty about it, I've sincel earned, to try to avoid saying "i got it off ebay"...anyway...I said it was a gift, and that the person bought it there, not knowing they stored info. Doh!

    But at least it was authentic. :yes:
  7. Try Chanel directly. they are usually great about repairs.
  8. hl..I love your story...LoL

    Sorry they were so unpleasant to you!
  9. lol nice story!!
  10. aw thanks everyone. i was so worried telling you all since i'm not a reg here.

    Hehe....your story is amusing because it wasn't me.

    thanks. lmao.
  11. :roflmfao: :lol: :upsidedown:
  12. I've found dept stores to require documentation that you got it from their store. I had an LV wallet I bought off ebay. I asked NM is they could send it out to have the zipper repaired and they wanted a receipt. I then went to the LV store and they looked it over to make sure it wasn't fake and then took it for repair. Please try Chanel boutique.
  13. You should definitely have better luck at the Chanel boutique. I brought in a couple purses for repair and they requested that I bring in a copy of the receipts but I had forgotten to get a copy that day and they never asked me again. two months later, i got my purses back repaired :yes:
  14. Aww I'm sorry !!! Yes, just go to Chanel...I don't think they give you the third degree there. As long as the merchandise is authentic I don't think you have a problem.
  15. This is great cause "she is at Temple" is one of the only excuses I have never used, and I can add it to my list.