I got to try on the Kelly Flat

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  1. I tried on the runway size, a 32cm? What I like is that it is entirely collapsible which makes it ideal for travel. And the closure is not the traditional Kelly closure, rather it is an Etriviere closure, which I've always found charming. Also, if your waist is small enough, the extra strap can function as a belt. I see it as a bag made for a woman constantly on the go who is need of a bag that she can toss in her suitcase and who needs a bag for both day and night.
  2. So what do you think, HG - are you tempted by the flat Kelly?
  3. Do they have them in the stores yet?
  4. What leather, HG?
  5. Thanks for the report! I hope my store gets a few in so I can check them out!
  6. Thanks HG...always with the latest!
  7. It was black Swift and after seeing it in person, I like it more than when it first came out. I need a 28cm, though.
  8. no pics from the store? swift would be ideal with this collapsible kelly, i would think..........
  9. No pics, but you can call NYC for details if you'd like.
  10. :nuts: lucky!!! I want to see one! :sweatdrop:
  11. I tried the flat in Madrid...not for me...
  12. Thanks for the scoop, HG! So, what's the official name of these?
  13. The Kelly Flat!! LOL!!!
  14. They had some at my store, but i didn't take a look - might have to go back and try one on!
  15. Thanks for the feedback, HG!