I got to see Blue India in person & I love it!

  1. I live in the Boston area and unfortunately it seems that Barneys did not order Blue India (they didn't order Blueberry either -- what do they have against blue)? In any event, I was pleasantly surprised when I called Gretta Luxe, a small boutique in Wellesley, MA, and they had a couple of BI bags in stock. When I first called and asked about blue india or blue grey, they said they didn't have it. But then the SA said they had "turquoise" which I had heard some stores were calling it. As of yesterday, they had a weekender and a work in stock. The color is gorgeous -- it looked a little lighter (and slightly greener) in person than pics of weekender and first posted recently on other threads. What came to mind was "smoky turquoise" if that makes any sense. The leather on the bags was nice, but a little bit veiny (it didn't look as nice to me as the photos I've seen).

    In any case, I love the color and am fairly sure it is one of the few colors that I absolutely have to have. Pretty much the only question now is city or day? I originally thought day but am imagining it would look amazing in a city.
  2. Go for the City.:yes:
  3. City or Twiggy.:yes:
  4. Day!!!!! Woooooooooo.
  5. City!
  6. I think the colour would look gorgeous in the city!
  7. I'd get the City!
  8. i'd get the city too
  9. definetely city! awww wellesley...gretta luxe was the only place i shopped at when i was in college in the town though i didnt go to wellesley college...to bad i cant make it out there to check the color out
  10. Seems like most are favoring the city so far. Logically it might make more sense for me to get a day because I have a black city and my goal is to have one city and one day. However, if I buy a BI day, I would almost certainly sell my sky blue day, which would be hard to do because the leather is really special. I keep imagining that BI city would be gorgeous though. It may depend in part on what I can find and if I get a chance to see both styles, which leather is better. Somone at GL told me they would be getting a city and a day (but I don't know when) and I asked them to call me when they do.

    rebeoliva - Did you go to Babson? Gretta Luxe is a great store. I've been in very often to ogle the bbags and feel badly that I have never bought anything there. Even though I could save on tax by ordering from Aloha Rag or BalNY it would be nice to buy a bag I see in person first (which I have never done before).
  11. 0o0o0 i'd go for the CITY!!!
  12. City!
  13. i did go to babson!!! isnt too well known thats why i didnt mention the name lol...i totally understand ur indecision i wanted to get my rouge vif work in person but that was impossible to find in Boston so i got it from AR the savings really are great so i find its worth it since they do a good job of choosing a bag that meets what you look for...As for gretta luxe I didnt get much there but did like shopping there usually would come into the city or go to Chesnut Hill for shopping
  14. I live in MA too! I was at Gretta Luxe about 2 months ago and put my name down for them to call me when they got the rouge vif in- I wanted the city or work. They never called. They said they were getting them in. I was disapponted in not hearing from them.
  15. rebeoliva - I think Babson has a great reputation among locals! I just sent email to Aloha Rag asking whether it is still possible to be put on the wait list for BI city or day. I should explore all my options in case GL doesn't work out and it would be nice to save a little -- thanks for sharing your experience.

    zacorey - Maybe we will see each other some time checking out the local bbags (if we haven't already). That is disappointing that GL never got back to you re: the rouge vif work. The only rouge vif bag I ever saw at GL (or at local Barneys) was the first.