I got to meet Sarah-Girl today at Hermes!

  1. :yahoo: Sarah-girl & I met up today at Hermes in Chicago. She is so unbelievably sweet, great to be around & very knowledgable on leathers/colors. Without giving out TMI, an odd & interesting thing that we just learned is that her father was my dh's supervisor for 6 months a long time ago!
    We had a great time looking at leathers, playing with the gorgeous scarves & bags. They had a 35cm Black Box Kelly with Palladium hardware that I was soooooo tempted by. Also a Chartruese Kelly in 32cm, Havane 32cm Kelly in Evercalf, Poitoron/Orange 32cm Kelly in Epsom. I ended up getting a new scarf (see pic below) for my Sapphire Bag, some sachets & an un jardin twilly. My SA was so great to my 6 year old DD. She gave her a little Hermes box with a perfume bottle necklace (which she is still wearing & has been talking about non-stop since!):love:

    My only complaint is that I didn't have more time with Sarah! I didn't get any pics with her but I have one with my dd Hannah and I on Michigan Ave.
    scarf1.jpg small2.jpeg
  2. OOOOhhhh, Sounds like a great time! And that 35 cm black box kelly sounds amazing!!!!
  3. Love it when people meet from tPF!!! HOw fun!!!

    That scarf is gorgeous btw! And you and Hannah are adorable as ever!
  4. I just love this thread! I love your picture with the two of you!!!
  5. Love the picture of you and DD. So sweet and so beautiful!!!!
  6. I love the picture Japster, your daughter is just precious, and you look so sweet together, the H *accessories* are very nice too!:yes:
    I am glad you had fun!!
  7. I love it when tPF friends get to meet IRL! Not only is it fun, it also opens up the opportunities to know one another better, and form friendships outside of cyberspace!

    Congratulations, Japster on your lovely new scarf, getting your hands on some sachets (which I don't think is available at my H store, well, I haven't checked) and a new twilly!

    I love the picture of the 2 of you. Hannah is a miniture Japster :love: . Time will tell if my 2 yo DD will look anything like me!
  8. Believe me I wish I could have come home with a couple of those bags too. :graucho: Out of my budget though.
  9. E, you look gorgeous as always! That sapphire blue looks stunning on you and Hannah is just beautiful! Great scarf too! Glad you and Sarah-girl had such a good time!
  10. You and your daughter are SOOO adorable (well she is adorable, you are beautiful!!)
  11. hey E

    I am glad that you had a good time. wish I was there
  12. You are both tooooo adorable! Such a cuddly sweetheart you have! Love that Birkin!
  13. That's an amazing scarf, the colors just jump off the monitor! Have never seen that pattern before...what do they call it? Your daughter is getting quite an education and having fun. It is so nice to think back to when you were little and a little unexpected gift could give you so much joy! She is so cute as is her sister. You're so lucky to have these treasures...oh, yeah, the bags too:happydance:
  14. How wonderful! You and your daughter are beautiful!
  15. Aww, sounds like you two had a great time!!! Japster, you and your daughter are gorgeous! And so is that Birkin - WOW!