I Got to Hold it and I'm So Sad.....

  1. I got my gold heart a few weeks back, but I was still waiting for the amarante. As you may recall, some of the Canadian stores jumped the gun and sold a few pieces early. They said that the rest were going to only be sold starting on the release date, and boy did they mean it!
    I was at Yorkdale this evening and had just left the LV boutique in Holt Renfrew after purchasing a new inclusion Speedy, when my cell phone rang. It was my daughter. She called to tell me that coincidently the LV at Yorkdale had JUST called to tell me that my amarante heart was in and wanted to confirm that I still wanted it. So, my DD thought to call me and let me know. Well for gooodness sakes!
    So, I high-tailed it back into the store and there on the counter was the wait-list book open and my name at the top of the list! So I pointed to my name and said, 'that's me!'. The astonished SA, said, 'but I just left you a message'. lol!
    Anyway I said that I since I was there anyway, I'd like to pick up my heart now. I also explained that I live a hour away and that since we are expecting a horrendous snow storm tomorrow, it would just make sense that I pick it up this evening. WELL......no go. Not a chance. No amount of begging or pleading would get them to budge. I was told absolutely not, I could not purchase it until Friday morning at the earliest.
    I did manage convince her to let me just hold it. Reluctantly, she went in the back and got it and I got to hold it for a whole 30 seconds. That's it, give it back. Out the door I went, no heart in hand for me. :crybaby: I guess I'll just have to wait until we dig out from the storm.
  2. Aw, that is too bad, Cyndee! At least you can console yourself that you are indeed getting your amarante heart. It'll be waiting for you when you're ready to pick her up. It'll be a great pick-me-upper after your snow storm! Early congrats to you!!
  3. LOL!! Sorry for laughing but the way you described everything was so funny! Only a few more hours! You'll get it really soon! Congrats and can't wait to see the pics! :yahoo:

  4. The whole situation was maddening and comical at the same time!
  5. awww it's okay, at least it's yours ... granted not tonight, but hey ... tomorrow! yay! looking forward to seing the pics!
  6. Aww, that sucks! but hopefully you'll get it soon!
  7. Awww, she took your heart away from you.

    Don't worry at least its on hold for YOU and you know that you WILL get it.

    Please post pics when she arrives home.

    Congrats in advanced!!
  8. At least you know you will get it:yahoo: after the storm
  9. Argh, that must be so frustrating! But at least the wait will soon be over and you'll be a happy owner of an amarante heart!
  10. Love your story. The good thing is we all know that it'll have a heartwarming ending!!!:yahoo:
  11. can't wait to see it :smile:
  12. It'll be worth the wait!:smile:
  13. That's irritating but at least you know it's yours for sure! Same thing happened to me but she didn't let me hold it! Counting down till tomorrow!
  14. So sorry for all your frustration but I'm sure the amarante heart is worth waiting a few more hours for! ;) Congrats! Please post pics for us!
  15. ~That's not right to make you come back the following day and knowingly you live an hour away:rant:. On top of that...the long drive in that horrible weather:rolleyes: My goodness...they should take into consideration that you're the FIRST on the waitlist. *Cyndee*....I feel for you, just hang in there!
    You'll be bringing your heart home soon enough.:flowers~