I got this today ...

  1. I purchased this item off of eBay and here is the desrciption of it.. she put the condition of it new with tags.. well I got it today.. I smelt the leather heart and it smelled like cigarette smoke and the coach charm on it looked all worn.. I dont know what to do ..what do you guys think?? it also didnt come with any tags attached or anything...:s:sos:




    COACH Heart X-Large Charm!!
    This auction is for the JUST RELEASED Brand NEW with Gift Receipt & 100% Guaranteed Authentic COACH Huge Heart Charm..... These are alrady SELLING OUT FAST!

  2. Oh no. I dont know what to suggest, I'm sure some of the eBay pros here can tell you if you have any recourse. I love eBay for everything except Coach! Its is just too stressful!!!
  3. Did the auction say nwt? Because the pic and statement you showed does not show/say that. As far as the cigarette smoke, if her auction stated non smoking or you asked her and she said non smoking then definitely you have a case. I would contact the seller first and tell them you would like a refund. If they put up a fight you will have to open a dispute through paypal. :yes: Good Luck, sorry that happened to you! :nogood:
  4. Unfortunately, that is a common theme on Ebay. I ALWAYS ask the Seller (prior to bidding) whether their item's smoke-free or not, etc, if it's not already stated in their auction. If they stated that it's smoke-free, maybe you can return and get a refund because it "wasn't as described"? I'm sorry you have to go thru this trouble. I do wish you luck in finding a resolution to this situation!

  5. she said new with tags! here is the auction link...

  6. Well, there's no tag in the ebay photo and these do come from the outlets without tags but are still new so I would say she's okay there.

    It sucks that it smells like smoke but that's why you need to ask before bidding or make sure you only consider auctions that state they are from a smoke free home. I'm very sensitive to the smell of smoke so I feel for ya; I guess that one's a lesson learned.

    The leather heart looks perfect in the photos, so no problem there.

    The only iffy thing I see is that the coach hangtag looks like it's tarnished? Or is that just the lighting in your photos? A shadow? or is that how it really looks? Were other pictures of the hangtag in the auction? Did it show the hangtag looking kinda tarnished like your photos show? If not, I would email the seller with my concerns and take it from there.
    Good luck, sweetie, and let us know how it turns out.
  7. thanks hun... no to me the hangtag looks kind of tarnished in the middle where the coach logo is it looks faded or discolored
  8. The heart looks good to me, but I would be upset too if the auction said NWT and it wasn't... :s

  9. yeah no tags came at all with the charm and no gift receipt..
  10. I couldn't find in the auction where it said new with tags. I saw it said new with gift receipt. Maybe I'm missing it.

    Whoops. I posted this after someone already said it.
  11. Just read her return policy and it says you can return within 3 days.. so I would contact the seller and then ship it back. :tup:
  12. I would go ahead and email her with my concerns! The hangtag looking that tarnished def. does not fall under "NEW".
    I think she's an ebay recommended seller for Coach, too!:push:

    Remember to start out nice and amiable and hopefully she'll be fair with your concerns. Good luck!:tup:

    Okay, well i guess reading the fine print like fieldinspring makes this easy.:p Whew, you should just be able to send it back and get an easy refund. Hopefully she'll compensate for shipping also since there is an issue with the description.:yes:
  13. It says new with tags under the main description, but that could have easily been a mistake on her part.. still it is listed as nwt, but cleary in the photo there are no tags.. so :shrugs: As far as the smoke it does not say smoke free home, I learned the hard way if it is not listed I always ask and keep the emails of their answer until the item is received. :yes: Either way, if you are unhappy, like I said above it does look like you can return it within 3 days. Good LUck!
  14. thanks I appreciate your help!!