I got this Pink necklace, shd I exchange for Blue?


Shd I exchange for the blue?

  1. Yes, go find the blue necklace.

  2. No, keep the pink, its nicer.

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  1. Hi all, I finally go this pink necklace, but I'm still thinking about the blue cos' the pink looks a bit dull when worn. Can everyone pls advise whether I should go and exchange for the blue? Thanks a million!
    DSC00678a.JPG DSC00674a.JPG DSC00651a.JPG
  2. Oh, that pink is pretty and soft in color, and the blue is lovely too. I really adorn both of them. Argh...I am no help.:shame:

    Oh, I voted to keep the pink, cuz I believe that it will look really nice on you too!
  3. OMG, I LOVE these pink ones! I didn't know they came in this color too! But I see what you mean about the blue ones, the blue does show up a little better. I bought the blue ones after seeing them worn in that picture, they just looked so pretty.

    I would go for the blue ones, as they are deeper and brighter in color. They should have made the pinks ones deeper too, but they are still pretty.
  4. Ohhh, I LOVE the pink, I haven't seen these (they'd look so nice with my flaps, ahh)!!! :nuts: I think the blue pops a little better (I bought them in the smaller strand), but the pink is so pretty and feminine... I'm no help though, because I love both!! :love: Do you mind telling me where you purchased the pink ones, and if you saw a shorter strand there? :nuts: Thanks so much!! :heart:
  5. i definitely prefer the pink ones, they look more elegant IMO. Also, they're more neutral compared to the blue, which means you might be able to wear them with more outfits? they're both very pretty but i like the pink ones better... and this is coming from someone who normally doesn't like pink AT ALL!
  6. I prefer the blue. The blue looks great on you.
  7. I got the pink one from hong kong int airport at T1. It cost hkd6100.
  8. I'm a pink fan so I say keep the pink!!
  9. I'm not a fan of pink, but I like this subtle shade of pink alot. Subdued and classic. I'll bet it will go with more than the blue. Keep the pink.
  10. I love the pink!

    fieryfashionist: I can't wait to see the pink one on you if you get it. If they're out there, we know you'll find it! LOL!!
  11. Hi charmaine_llee, just wondering, how was the inventory over the Chanel HK airport compared with the local boutique store? TIA :heart::heart:

    Back to topic, I love the pink one!! ...... It's soo cute, pretty & gorgeous!! def keep it! :girlsigh:
  12. I like the pink but blue is my favorite color. And the blue does pop more, yet the pink is more soft and romantic feeling. But I voted for the blue...
  13. HK is anytime better than the local boutique in terms of stock. The local boutique have 2 of this pink, but they have already been reserved for the VIPs.
  14. Oops.. I meant Chanel at the HK local boutique store with HK airport store.. sorry for misunderstanding. TIA :smile:
  15. I have the blue one (in short version), but I also :heart: the pink one you bought!
    Sorry, I am of no help here...