I got this luella bag the other day..

  1. ..its so cute and little lol:biggrin:
  2. Oh wow, I have never seen that before! Congratulations!
  3. oh... its really cute.....
    was at Saks today and they still have some luella bags (i think it was giselle???? might be wrong). but yeah, seeing them in person for the first time, they look very cute. but it is a little too heavy.
  4. Luellas are really heavy, but adorable! Everyone loves Luella until they really hold/use them, but if you can deal with the weight you have a great bag!
  5. Is the baby Giselle really heavy too? I kinda missed the boat on Luella. I know they aren't popular like they used to be but I saw a really cute "baby" Giselle on Ebay for cheap. Thought I might try it.
  6. Hey I read in vogue the other week, that the new Giselle is now being referred to by fashionistas everywhere as the new BIRKIN!
    If that isn't a compliment I don't know what is!
    Sienna Miller has reportedly been carrying around a lot of luella's lately as well as VB!

    The baby Giselle isn't too heavy, its certainly not light but its not really heavy eiter! Its definitly a cute hanbag!
  7. that's cute, congrats!
  8. What a cute Carmen! Congrats!!! I haven't seen it in the black color! What a cutie!!!