I got this instead!!!

  1. I have been going back and forth on what bag to get for PCE. I wanted a Legacy Swingpack in brown signature but when I called to inquire about them I was told they are sold out! So, I wanted a red carly, a belted ergo, a patent ergo, a bleeker (and that's excluded anyway!) on and on.... And you know what? I started thinking about what I really wanted. And what I really needed. I wanted another bag in either canvas, like my slim flap in natural/citron, or cotton because I really like the ease of using this bag and how lightweight it is but it's not signature. And I wanted a larger bag for when I needed to carry a little more. I started researching and remembered the Soho large satchel that came out not too long ago. I opted for this:


    I found one on eBay and it was cheaper than I would have ended up spending on PCE. I'll still purchase some charms but this is what I want and need. Whew! ;)

    If anyone else owns this bag, what do you think of it? Any pics? Thanks!
  2. Gorgeous!!!!! I love it!!!! Congrats on your new gorgeous bag and the great deal!!!!
  3. I love that bag. I keep eyeing them on eBay when I see them but have never jumped.
  4. i don't own it, but i sure want too -- its really modern looking... i LOVE the leather behind where the straps attach... cute!
  5. bought it in the signature last PCE but returned it. and for the last month i have been thinking about buying another one! I love the bag and i hope you love it as well.:tup:
  6. I've seen this bag IRL and it is really gorgeous! It's also so versatile...love it!
  7. Wow! I'm sorry they sold out! I ordered one for PCE but was worried about waiting, too... did they say they were going to re-stock? I figure they will since it's so popular.

    I still think you made an awesome choice with this bag!
  8. tejasmama, CS told me there were no back-orders. Not sure if they'll restock or not based on that info. If I still have a love for chocolate signature later, I may go for the smaller bleeker duffle. It's cute and not too expensive!
  9. It's here so I thought I'd share a picture! It's just what I need! A nice roomy bag to fit my essentials plus extras when I need them! And I love the canvas!

  10. Oh I love those colours! I have the Penelope as well, and I totally love it. I considered getting the one you got for spring/summer, because mine is black. But, I decided that I wasn't even around in the summer, so I probably didn't need it. I carry my laptop almost daily in it and loooove it. I posted some pics of mine. That's my laptop in it in the first pic.
    penelope laptop.JPG penelope side.JPG Penelope.JPG
  11. Parus, great pics! Thanks for sharing! I love your bag, the black is awesome! And I really love the bee on your bag! Very, very cute!
  12. Thanks! I really love this bag and I think you will too! Next on my list...is a GIGI!! I have a PCE so I'm thinking of getting her. I really like how narrow/tall she is...for carrying laptop, etc. And I can't possibly carry Penelope EVERY day! - though I still do love her too!:heart: