I got this in Paris

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    I also bought a Icare in Damier...which I havent taken any pictures of yet.

    But since I feel this ones a rare find I tought Ill just post it :3

    Sarah - Monogram Etoile! Tadaaa~*
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Anyone already knowing Fauré le Page???

    Loving it a lot!!!

  5. I also bought these Sneakers a while ago

  6. Is it Goyard ?

  7. What?! no hun. Its Fauré le Page. The brand itself seems to be very old, but the store just opened up a month ago or so. its next to the chanel store in st. honore paris
  8. Love your wallet congratulations
  9. Awwww hahaha im sorry ! I just woke up
    still in bed lurking here already with 1 eye
    open ? I thought it was the Goyard ! But
    yeah you right ! Thanks ;) I love it tho !!!!
  10. Faure Le Page? Isn't that a gun and firearms manufacturer? I may be wrong, but it's the name of a famous weapon maker in Paris.
  11. Or was, years ago.
  12. That's exactly what I know too LOL

    OP, I loveee your vintage sarah wallet!! Congratulation!
  13. Love it! congrtas!
  14. Beautiful, congrats!
  15. OMG, love this!