I got this Gucci...any opinions?

  1. Hi guys! my first time posting and just wanted some opinions. =)

    i just bought this Abbey from Gucci.com. Does anyone have this and can you tell me if its useful or not? I got it to travel with since you can wear it over the shoulder...plus it matches the wallet i already have.
  2. I have the same one in beige with the Orange trim and I love it....its so handy and useful!
  3. I bought the messenger Joli couer for my daughter(same shape and size..)Its a fab bag!
  4. i don't have that one .. but i really like it! it's very cute .. and seems extrememly practical for traveling .. or every day use =) and it's a plus that it matches your wallet!
  5. Very cute! it's a keeper!
  6. super cute! and i have the same wallet in brown...LOVE IT!! perfect size isnt it!
  7. Can't go wrong. It's a keeper!
  8. cute!
  9. welcome & congrats!!
    you're gonna enjoy it! love the hardware detail!
  10. cute!!~
  11. Cute!
  12. I think that bag will become a great staple - something you can always rely on.
  13. I used to have one and i gave it to my mom cos she likes it lots.
    Its amazing how much stuffs you can stuff in there.
  14. i like it, congrats!!
  15. oooh keep it! i love it :biggrin: