I got this chanel belt/necklace, any thoughts?

  1. [​IMG]

    How much did this retail for? anyone know?:tup:
  2. Oh I love it! :p (Sorry I can't tell you anything about it!)
  3. hehe yes it is quite pretty ^_^
  4. Lovely belt....Congrats!!
  5. gorgeous!
  6. i love it!!
  7. I know i love it too. my friend gave it to me, she wants me to sell it because ive been selling some LV stuff successfully on eBay, so thinks ill have luck with it. THOUGH i feel like i want to keep it.. maybe i can pool together some cash for it ^_____^
  8. i saw a similar one going for 2k on eBay, it's just ridiculous because the retail's not even that! i think this probably costs 1k odd?
  9. hmm were people bidding on it? ^_^ I have a choice I can either offer her half of what it costs, or sell it and make 50%.. I just need to find out how much it is lol
  10. It's so lovely :smile:
  11. Very very nice!
  12. haha no, it's on BIN. you can go browse for it and see how it goes. i don't think it's reasonable to post it at 2k when people are selling chanel tweed jackets for quite a bit lesser?
  13. I like it, I love the metal inbetween the pearls. Keep it if you can.
  14. its pretty but no way worth 2k!