I got this bag today at the presale!!

  1. very nice bag =D im lovin that little bow on the side of the strap~!
  2. very nice! congrats. Do you mind me asking what the sale price was? I saw it in person, some lady had it ,nice size med size bag.
  3. Im sorry, the one I got was white, not monogram and it was 619. down from like 1050. I am also getting a black boston wave.
  4. Nice! White- great for the summer. I love the shape of the bag. Congrat! Enjoy
  5. Oh, it's soo cute! can't wait to see pics of it when they send it to you! :smile:
  6. Very Cute bag!!!! GREAT PRICE!!!!!

    Sorry I can't tell you more about it. I have this one but I still have not used it yet.

  7. I love the white color. Very cute & perfect for summer.
  8. It's very nice! congrats on scoring it at such a great price!
  9. gorgeous!!
  10. congrats, it's beautiful.
  11. Congrats, that's a great bag! Was it only on sale in the white leather? Or was the canvas or guccissima on sale too? TIA!

  12. I think only the white leather one is on sale.
  13. its a very beautiful bag. but i'm impartial to the length of the handles..other than that, i think its so cute
  14. I wish the cream Guccissima was on sale. Only white leather, it is cute but smaller and more structured than what I normally use. I love the bows.