I got this bag as a gift...keep or exchange?

  1. I'm a bit iffy about it because of the huge logo across it and the shape to an extent. I'm thinking it would make a cute tote for carrying around campus though, what do you think? keep or exchange for something better? (its listed for arund 430 online)

  2. I saw this IRL last week and I really liked it...I think it would work as a casual, everyday kind of bag.
  3. It's a nice bag, but if you don't like it, return it and get something you like.
  4. I actually really like it! :smile: But if you don't....then maybe you should get something you really like and will enjoy! goodluck!
  5. I like it.
  6. I love it! But then again I really dig Marc by Marc Jacobs bags.
  7. I saw these at Barneys. The logo is too huge for my taste - it ruins an otherwise cute bag!
  8. I quite like it, too, actually. :yes: I really like the brown detailing on black. :biggrin:

    I'm not much of a logo-girl, but I don't think the logo's that obtrusive, TBH. The brown on black tones it down and the utilitarian slant means it doesn't look boastful.

    But if you're not that keen, you shouldn't compromise; exchange it! :tup:
  9. It's cute, but not my style. I guess it depends on who gave it to you- if you're close to them and they'll probably ask you about it, definitely keep it. Otherwise, sell it.... I think patent is too trendy these days- worry it will be "out" in a few months.
  10. I love it. I'm anti-logo but on this bag, it works. It's very subtle and the size makes it not tacky.
  11. Wow! I wish I got a bag like that as a gift.
    I would keep it since I am using a similar bag to hold my laptop.

    But I guess it depends if the person giving it to you would ask about it or if they would not care if you exchanged it for something you would use.

    Overall, I love Marc Jacobs stuff, so I am biased. :girlsigh:
  12. I really like it!!! I would keep it for a fewe more days and see if it grows on you.
  13. I like it, it would make a good everyday bag :smile:
  14. I really like it! It is very classy and would work well for everyday.:tup:
  15. It's definitely a nice gift, but if you're iffy about the style, then...
    Never seen the bag IRL and not a big logo person. I say if the logo isn't too obvious and you can find use for it, then it's a keeper.
    Otherwise, be prepared to telegraph to the world that you're carrying a MBMJ.