I got these two little coach things today..

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  1. I checked my mail today and some of the stuff I bought off eBay came today, they are really cute.. now I just need my black patent leather hobo for the cute red lips.. :heart:

  2. Yes they're reallllllllllly cute!!!!!!
  3. Cute!! Love the lips!!
  4. very cute! You always have something fun coming in the mail.. I love it!!! :tup:

  5. LOL yeah I know eBay is addicting .. there is always something cute on there :tup:
  6. I love the lips! Too cute!
  7. I love it. Those lips are so cute!!!
  8. I was looking at an auction for that lurex keychain today! But it was like $46 - too much for a keychain, imo. Very cute stuff. I cant wait to see those lips on your black bag!
  9. So cute, congrat's, they arrived fast!
  10. So cute...those lips would be perfect on a black bag.

  11. those same ones are at the outlet for much much cheaper!!:tup:
  12. Cute!! :tup:
  13. Super cute! Congrats!
  14. thanks everyone my next eBay hunt is the black patent leather hobo!!
  15. Ooh nice! Perfect for Valentine's day.