I got there first!!!! And am now the proud owner of....

  1. DecolZep Patent Platform Pumps in Orange and CL Mody patent in Teal!

    I never get my size on NAP becasue I don't go on early enough and so I'm THRILLED! Should be delivered by the weekend, so I can show you.

    Okay, that's four pairs of shoes delivered this week and 2 more to come...I think my husband won't be leaving me alone for bizness trips much anymore!!!:graucho:

    However, I do have his Christmas shopping list ready to go: I need bags to coordinate with all these fabulous shoes!

  2. Congrats!
    I can't wait to see all of these beautiful shoes!!!
    When the husbands away the wife will play LOL!
  3. awesome! Can not wait to see the pictures!
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: LMAO Accessory Obsessory!

    I should try this with BF, who's got that awful habit of disappearing on business trips too!

    Do remember to post modeling pics!!!!
  5. Looking forward to seeing the pics.
  6. Oh sounds lovely, I cannot wait to see pics!
  7. Oooh--two new pairs of Louboutins---how exciting!!! I just love them!

    CONGRATS on getting your size!
  8. Having problems getting the pix, my camera is a bit different from my old one and I'm not really technically oriented!

    Will try again an post in the next day or so. But OMG they are gorgeous!!! I am really happy with them. I thought the orange would not be my colour, but I thought I'd be brave, but live ooohhhmyyyyy, it's like a melon, just so juicy!!

    Thanks for your patience!
  9. I can't wait to see these.
  10. ^^^I know I'm excited too. I had the teal on pre-reserve, but gave them up b/c I prefer 85 mm and up, but the color is fab I'm sure! :smile:
  11. Oooh! Congratulations:biggrin:

    Can't wait too see pics!

  12. Accessory Obsessory,
    Hi there! I am also thinking of ordering the Teal or Bronze CL Mody Pumps but how's the sizing? Are they cut very narrow? I usually wear 37 or 37.5 for ITL shoes. Thanks so much!