i got the wrong item!

  1. I purchased a COACH bag (Legacy stripe top handle pouch) with the buy it now option and received a package from the seller yesterday. i was surprised to get it so early (3 days after auction end) and pretty excited. Then I opened it and it was a shoe box. I was like, okay budget packing . . . then i unwrapped what was inside and it was a pair of ugly black Nike shoes!

    I couldn't help but start laughing . . . i'm a seller on eBay and i know how easy it is to get frazzled so i calmly emailed the seller and told him about the situation.

    I hope he sends the right package this time:yes:
  2. Have you heard back from the seller yet?
  3. yea he told me to ship the shoes to him and he'd reimburse me for the shipping.

    he said he'd send the purse again
  4. I did this last week. I am in California and sent item A to buyer B and item B to buyer A. One was in France! Sheesh, I should stop selling during finals!
  5. it will be fine. he just mixed up the packages.

    hope you get your purse very quick!
  6. something similar happened to me once and I actually got 2 shipments: one was mine and the other was someone else's, I think it was a fancy picture frame. I wrote to the seller about it and shipped it to her on my expanse. I got a big thanks from her and I felt good about it.