I got the WRONG cloud~ Wahhhh~>"<

  1. Grr, I was all happy that I ordered Startus PM in Ecru just by calling the store, but they send me the wrong color-Beige! By the time I call them first thing in the morning, Ecru has been sold out company wide:crybaby: Ugh, this sucks:yucky: will try to take some model pix anyway tonight, but plz don't expect it to be pretty b/c I am not feeling the Beige at all. Also was it just mine or the handle make squeeke sound when there are items in it? I just try to fit Brazza, Koala agenda, cell, and a mini cosmetic bag, 2/3 full....it that too much :confused1:
  2. :sad:
  3. That sucks. Hope something comes up!
  4. k, here are the modeling pix, as u can tell, i am definitely in the mood for camera lol:sweatdrop:
    Startus PM.JPG Startus PM 2.JPG Startus PM3.JPG
  5. I hope it will grow on you so you can keep it. It's such beautiful bag!
  6. Thanks, but i've already decide to return and either save some $ for the LE fab, or just put it towards B-day Saving fund mature next month....
  7. It's cute think about it a while and if you still don't love send it back but do think about it carefully as you may not get the chance again
  8. Sorry you got the wrong one. Better you can get something you love though.
    I am am still waiting and hoping to be able to get the beige.:sad:
  9. it looks gorgeous!!! i actually really like the beige! hope you keep it!
    love the wallpaper too~
  10. I think it looks really good on! I think you should keep it, but you have to do what makes you happy!
  11. The beige is gorgeous! I know your SA made a booboo in your order, but it really looks beautiful on you! Hope you keep it...:love:
  12. argh. that sucks you got the wrong fricken color! you spent a good deal of money and got something different!- but---- we're all human and mistakes happen! Hopefully this will grow on you or a miracle will happen and you'll get the ecru you want so bad!!

    but for now! WOW! This bag is awesome on you!!!!!
  13. The beige is beautiful though but you should get what you want. :yes:
  14. i'm sorry this happened to you but honestly, it looks nice on you :yes:
  15. i think it looks great on you!! i love that bag and the other olympe ones too. :biggrin: