I got the wrong bag............and I LOVE it!!!


Feb 24, 2009
Valley of the Sun

Okay here's the story behind this purse. I pre-ordered this from vialux*** (not sure if I can say) in early February and expected to receive it at the end of February. It was such a great deal at 35% off that I couldn't possibly pass it up. As the quoted date came and went, I followed up and found out that RM was going to take a few more weeks to send the supply to the retailer. I said OK I'd wait some more but meanwhile, my interest was waning because of all of the SO issues. Days later, I tried cancelling my order but the lady proprietor talked me into keeping it (she's been quite gracious, by the way), what with the great price and all. I finally decided to keep it.

This morning, I just happened to browse the RM site and was excited to see that it had a gorgeous new Black MAM - it had the blue zipper but instead of gold hw, it had silver! Oooh was I feeling such regret over my order because the one I bought came with gold hw which is still beautiful but I would've preferred silver hw, now that I've seen it. I wished half-seriously that the delay was because they were sending me the silver one instead.

When my package arrived this afternoon, I wasn't too anxious to open it. But I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a glint of silver through the packaging. You should have seen me tear through the wrappings! :P I couldn't unwrap it quickly enough. It's gorgeous!!!!! It is fate! I must've been blessed by the bag gods!

She will be making her introduction very shortly...


Jul 27, 2009
Portland, OR.
Lol!! Your title made me laugh...!!
So glad you got the one with the HW you really wanted...I think bag gods..for sure, intervened..:yes:

Yaay! Congrats!!


Sep 26, 2006
New York City
Wow!! What a great story!! The Bag Gods must have surely heard your plea and granted your wish! She's gorgeous!! I love it when things like this happen!


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
OMG... Seriously... WOW :faint:

BTW- the owner of vialuxury has been very sweet to work with! I spoke to her in the past about some non RM bags :tup:


Feb 24, 2009
Valley of the Sun
Thanks you very much ladies! :biggrin: I'm sooo pleased with this purse!

cooper1, it is absolutely perfection - the color scheme is a definite hg for me!

klj, the lining is the cherry on top of this scrumptious sundae!

desi, I agree about the owner. I've heard things to the contrary so I just wanted to mention that she's been great through the whole process - very responsive and attentive.
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