I Got The Sweetest Little Coin Purse!

  1. That's good news...but what really impressed me was how it came to me!! I bought it off of eBay and I couldn't believe it!! I almost got teary eyed...it was such a nice touch!!:love:
    patchwork coin purse ebay 001.jpg patchwork coin purse ebay 002.jpg patchwork coin purse ebay 005.jpg
  2. Very Cute!
  3. How nice! I got a mini skinny in the mail from eBay yesterday and the seller wrapped it really nicely and included a little dust bag with a pink post-it thanking me for being a good buyer. I thought it was so nice of her. Those little touches are what will make want to buy more from that seller, KWIM?
  4. Awww...I'm so glad that you've had that happen too!
  5. cute coin purse! and how sweet of the seller to do that, thats awesome.
  6. That is really cute. I have the wristlet that matches!! I love the signature in patchwork and the pink trim is so pretty.
  7. The seller of the Coach shoes I got on Ebay put the nicest note on the invoice and whenever I corresponded with her via email, she was SO nice. She had >500 pos 100% feedback but just started selling. I hope she keeps selling and keeps being so nice.
  8. I have the matching bag to that coinpurse and I love it, the pink snakeskin is so unique!
    Its so nice when you have such a great experience buying on Ebay. What a great seller:smile:
  9. That is so nice!
  10. What a great seller. I have never come across that though. The few times I have bought on ebay the seller usually just shoves the bag/item with out a box into a USPS priority mailer.

    It's nice to see people who value good service on ebay!
  11. That's so nice!! One time someone sent me a Juicy hoodie wrapped up in cute paper and with stickers.. it was sweet!
  12. Wow. Now, I've gotten a card or two but never the pretty giftwrapping. That's a good seller. :biggrin:
  13. so cute! congrats!
  14. Very cute coin purse! The note that came with it was a nice touch!
  15. Awww, too cute! And what a great seller to include a thankyou note! Congrats!