I got the soufflot red epi and I am going to return it for the tulum..

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  1. It is cute but, does not fit on my shoulder nicely...it is on my armpit and not comfy sooo, it is going back for the tulum...I love the look of the tulum even though it is not that popular....sorry all you epi fans
  2. Awww sorry it didn't work out pug.. can you show us the pics..love to see the color..
  3. Is the Soufflot comfortable to carry on the arm or by the handles?
    I'd love to see pictures too.
  4. It is comfy handheld or on the crook of the arm but, really not a shoulder bag...love it but, I am a shoulder bag gal so I will go with the tulum then I will have 4 shoulder bags the PH, LH, Aurellia MM which is my fav plus the tulum.....then no more...love what I have....then I will have 5 LV bags plus accessoires I am sooo lucky...groom wallet, 2 cles, pouchette and extender does it get any better....me soooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I guess the strap isn't that long like your other bags..still don't be a tease we need to see the pics of red
  6. Can you show us a picture? It's holiday season so I would looooove to see red bags!
  7. may post a pic but, it is gooing back Monday for the tulum...I was disappointed in it...the drop length and it looks like plastic....cute but, for that price I am not overwhelmed...love mono and MC mucch more!!!!
  8. I just got a red epi and love it....but as always you need to buy what YOu like and what YOU will love and wear!!!!!!!!!
  9. I love red epi too, but I agree, if YOU don't love it then you should get something that you DO love. Good luck getting your tulum!!!
  10. ITA, I love epi, especially the red...but you need to be happy :smile:
  11. Sorry, it didn't work out, I tried out the soufflot at the store this weekend and it wasn't comfortable for me either. Also, the edges of the handles were very sharp and that was a turnoff too. I love the tulum bags. I might get the small one if I don't find a particular hard to find chanel bag that I'm searching for through NM.
  12. LVpug - every time I carry my red epi bucket, my husband tells me it looks like plastic! I really love the red epi, though. You definitely have to get what you love!
  13. I am sorry you didnt like your epi.
  14. LVpug... Could we see a pic plz?:confused1: On you before you return it for the Tulum???:confused1: :sad:
  15. Tulum is a great choice, go with what u feel most comfortable with :smile: