I got the Signature Stripe Satchel - Speedy look-alike!

  1. I love the look of that bag so good choice!:yes:
    If they made it in black/grey (like the shoulder tote) it would SOOO be mine!
  2. Too bad I can't do monogramming on the bag...
  3. Congrats on the bag!!!
  4. Congratulations...I LOVE mine!! Doesn't it hold just a ton?
  5. Congrats-
  6. I really like the way this looks in the new catalog. It was my first PCE pick, but of course I didn't get it. I got two ergo bags, which I returned. They let me keep my card, so I think I'm going back for this one.
  7. Great bag. Congrats!
  8. congrats! i think it's a cute bag, but it looks nothing like a speedy to me.
  9. Fabulous bag. Congrats!
  10. bagfever, congrats!

    I really love the shape of this Satchel but I feel its too small for me.
  11. my thoughts exactly!!!!!

    and can we stop calling it a speedy, coach-speedy, speedy look alike, etc? lets call it what coach wanted us to call it...a satchel.
  12. ohhh pictures!! :smile:?
  13. OK, but WHY is a "speedy" called a "speedy"? What does the name mean/imply? Anyone know the history?
  14. Cute! Congrats!