I got the rest of my order.. sort of..

  1. Well I got the rest of my stuff...

    They sent the wrong color wristlet... I ordered brown and they sent khaki/black and I ordered the strawberry charm and another thing as a gift... I only got one of these!!

    I went back to my receipt and I guess the last thing didn't get ordered... and I specifically asked for it to be.. so oh well , I just have to order it again and wait some more.. sorry buddy!!

    I'm mad about the wristlet though.. I have been waiting for it and I was so happy opening the box and BAM! wrong color.. thats gonna ruin my whole day:lol:

    Ill post some pics of the strawberry later!

    Thanks for listening to me rant a little...
  2. oh man that stinks! :tdown: What a bummer... I would tell them to overnight it to you for the inconvenience!!! :yes:
  3. Aw, I'm sorry. That really sucks! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the strawberry though! It looks cute!
  4. :crybaby:So sorry! Hope your wristlet arrives soon!
  5. I agree, worst they'll say is no but I think they'll do it for you.. looking forward to your pictures!
  6. i can't wait to see the strawberry charm. I finally was able to order it yesterday, so hopefully it comes soon! they said it came in brown and multicolor, so i ordered multicolor, assuming that's the one that we've seen pictures of on tpf. looking forward to the pics :smile:
  7. At least you got the strawberry! Enjoy!
  8. Well that sucks...enjoy the strawberry, though!! Very cute!
  9. well atleast they had one thing right...