I got the Pomme d'Amour heart purse, but..

  1. I finally got the heart purse today from mail order :yahoo: and full of excitement when it arrived. The colour is gorgeous :love: and it is definitely a keeper, but I discovered on one side of the coating seems like few bubbles on surface. I am a bit disappointed with the quality and was thinking "am I too picky?" :sad:

    I am so glad I got that as one of my local SA told me many customers are after this purse and I may not able to get one :cursing: (she said no waiting list). Should I send it back to LV for an exchange or pop into the boutique and ask if I can get an exchange? :crybaby:


  2. I see the what you mean, if it bothers you, you should get it changed.
  3. You say you got it in the mail...did you get it from elux? If do, they will not exchange it at the store :sad:

    If it bothers you, it should def. go back......what a bummer.
  4. I am from UK and I am not sure if I can exchange in store, but will try to see the small print. I just worry if they have any stock exchange for me. :sad:
  5. id say keep it it's gorgeous it will scratch anyway i personally wouldn't go to all the trouble, to exange un less it was for the white perl color:drool:
  6. I'm picky enough to want a perfect one. That said, I'd be hesitant to send it back in case they had no replacement in stock. I think I'd rather have one with a few bubbles than none! :yes: You might wait to see whether more become available at the boutique, buy one there, and then send the other back?
  7. ITA, if it there was something to exchange with, I'd do it. But congrats anyway, its very cute! :nuts:
  8. Congrats on your beautiful new piece! If it's enough to bother you, then you won't fully enjoy it so I say go to the store and see if they can help you. You paid a good amount for it so you should be perfectly satisfed with it. Enjoy your new heart!:heart:
  9. i agree with you!! congrats on the heart, but it is better than nothing. but it is up to you. if the bubbles bother you a lot, then do what makes you feel comfortable. i dont think you're being picky, you gotta have what you like.
  10. Congrats on your Pomme d'amour Coeur!

    ^ITA... It's your perogative to be selective if you spend so much $$$ on this LE heart. That being said. If there were none to exchange with since there are supposedly 2 of each in most boutiques. A few bubbles might be an acception unless it's a horrible flaw. My experience in the past was to return even if none to exchange with. Was I happy with my decision. Not really. You're not being picky and you have to love what you bought. The decision is up to you.
  11. That's one cute accessory!
  12. congrats on the purse, sorry about the bubbles!
    you should call 1866 and see if you can do an exchange.
  13. congrats! Sorry for the air bubbles....for the price you pay, it should be perfect. I would call and make sure they can exchange it before I send it back...
  14. that's a cute accessory!!! sorry about the bubbles!!
  15. i'm not a very picky person, so i don't mind...
    but it's just me :p