I got the Pomme d'Amour heart purse, but.. (Update)

  1. Hello all,

    Last week I posted about my pomme heart purse has many bubbles (or dents?) on one side and I've called the customer service to discuss with the rep but he said they may not guarantee I can get an exchange because the stock are quite few. So I decided to go to the boutique today again and hunt for my SA :rolleyes: (went twice last week but she wasn't there).

    This time the manager isn't here but my SA is finally here, I told her what happen and I don't feel comfortable with the bubbles, should be perfect blah blah blah etc. Then she winked at me and said "The purse isn't available until 9 Feb, but I'll sneak back and exchange it for you!". I was like thank god~ :angel: She even told me to let her know what I want in the future and she can get it for me so I don't need to get it through mail order!! She also showed me the look book the first time and told me what will coming soon. :nuts: I've been shop in that store for 3 years and no one ever said that or let me see the look book~ this makes me feel like a valuable customer.

    Sorry for the long post but I am too exciting :yahoo: and wanna share my joy. I really love my store now~

    p.s. I just find out my SA has the same birthday with me which is very spooky!! :wtf:
  2. Thats awesome and really sweet! So glad you had a nice time there :yes:

    The b-day thing is cool too!
  3. That's great news! Glad things worked out for you.
  4. I'm so glad for you - Your heart purse should be perfect. I'm glad that you finally got what should be their standard customer service. Continue to expect that same standard!

    Go you!
  5. Glad you got a better heart. I hope they don't sell the bubbled one to someone else!
  6. I'm glad that works out fine for you. Congrats on your new heart!
  7. good, glad you are happy!
  8. So glad that everything worked out for you!
  9. Glad you exchanged your bubbled heart for a perfect one. You must be really happy now! Good for you!!
  10. Such a sweet SA!
  11. I am glad everything worked out for you..it's always good!!
  12. Aww, happy things turned out perfect. Congrats!
  13. WOOOHOOO! congrats! nothing like your sa making you feel special :smile:
  14. yay!! congrats! thanx for sharing that nice story! :smile:
  15. I'm happy everything worked out in your favor.