I got the 'ol 'bait and switch' what now??

  1. I just got an LV MC pochette - major fake.
    So I rechecked the listing - it;s not even the same bag!
    I also got a pair of LV shoes at the same time - but they;re real.

    She's a power seller - 100% FB

    What do I do?

    She also has 2 miroir products up.


    Should I email her right away and tell her that I know what's up??
  2. Immediately open a PayPal dispute and file an "Item is not as described" charge against them. PowerSeller doesn't mean they are legit sellers.

    Hopefully you paid it with your credit card. Save the shipping box so you have seller's return address. If PayPal/eBay doesn't side you, you could file a discharge with you cc to against this seller. When you receive the instruction from Paypal or your cc to return the bag, make sure you send it back with insurance and signature required confirmation. PayPal and cc will require that copy in order to process the refund.

    Good luck!
  3. What should I say to seller?
  4. You could take some photos of the bag and send them to the seller. Tell them the bag you received is a fake, not the same as listed in the listing. You want to return the bag and receive a full refund with shipping. Tell them you need to hear from them within 24 hours, otherwise you will open a dispute against them and leave them a negative feedback.

    Since they have 100% feedback, they need to think twice before ignoring your request.

    I remember seeing other tPFer's suggestions -- file a dispute with PayPal first. Don't send the bag before hearing from PayPal since you need to hold the bag as an evidence. I have done both. It depends on how the seller is. But, give them a time limit instead of waiting for their response forever.
  5. ITA^^ give them a time limit to work with you or respond, when you send the bag back, take pictures and do signature confirmation. but most important is time limit. and you are positive this bag is fake right??
  6. Not only is it a fake - it's not even the bag that was in her listing!
    I took these for comparison (and don't even get me started on the interior :throwup:)
  7. I just opened a dispute - I'm not going to trust her at all seeing as this was deliberate (it;s not like she thought the bag was real) She said she bought it herself at LV - HA! and also it's not the same bag as in the pics - so she obviously knew she was scamming me. grrrrrr
    I'm just worried about the Miroir items she has listed - someone might get screwed for a lot of money!
  8. I agree. Once a dispute is filed, her money in PayPal is on hold and frozen. She will not be able to withdraw the money until this dispute is close. I am sick and tired of those scammers!
  9. Oh :shocked: so she sell mix product ?? ( fake & auth )? Is she a reseller or collector? Get it auth and email her
  10. Make sure you get caroldiva or mypoupette to authenticate the items ASAP as once a PP complaint is escalated to a claim, you have to work within time constraints that are almost impossible to follow.
  11. I agree with all above.

    Make sure that if you send the bag back to her that you get confirmation of delivery, but don't do this until told to by Paypal.

    In future, always ask the specific question - "is the bag I will receive the bag in the photos", or if they have used a Stock Photo for their auction, always ask for photos of the actual bag.

    Good luck.
  12. Also, post a link to the auction and, although Paypal will not accept it as proof, some of the ladies on here will be able to confirm authenticity.
  13. whoa, so scary .... I just looked the listing up on eBay to see whether the seller had stolen the pictures from somewhere and noticed that I have her on my watchlist for that Lockit :cursing:

    And off she goes :cursing:

    Don't know if it's any help to you, but I emailed with her a bit because I was concerned about that Epi Pochette she is selling for the 2nd time now and she sent me her telephone number :confused1:
  14. Could post her ID here? So we can refuse from purchase her items :blah:
  15. Here's the email I just recieved from her:

    so its a lot less and ofcourse since shipping was compined i will ofer just $9 for the shipping becouse the shoes were the ones that costed MORE THAN $40to ship -YOU RECIEVED A PARC`EL ALL THE WAY FROM GREECE IN A WEEK! the bag was just compined and extra $9 was charged ......YOU can just weight the shoes to see that what was paid for shipping was ABOUT THE SHOES ONLY!IF YOU READ PAYPAL DISPUTE YOU WILL NOTICE THE AMOUNT DISPUTED SHOULD BE A LOT LESS !!!PLEASE CHANGE YOUR DISPUTE !THANK YOU

    Are your freakin kidding me? How stupid does she think I am?

    Also - do I need Carol Diva to say it's fake because my claim is not only because it's fake but also a completely different bag!