I got the OK for a Puppy!!!!

  1. :wlae:

    I will have to wait until March, but at least I finally got the OK for me to have a puppy!! I am sooooo excited!!!

    Thinking about a yorkie or a maltese....can someone give me an idea of what they are really like?

  2. oooh congrats!!
  3. congrats! i suggest going to a dog show (infodog.com has a list sorted by state) and meeting the dogs and breeders to choose which breed you'd like. you can also find a great breeder there. do lots of research on the internet too to decide which breed. whatever you do, don't buy from a pet store! you can always do rescue, you can save a dog's life and get a new dog at the same time :smile:
  4. awww it is so much fun and b/c of the constant yipping and peeing u dont appreciate it at the time.. but remember this and enjoy them while theyre so little and cute and doofy!!
  5. congratulations!!! so exciting:smile:
  6. Congrats! I don't really know anything about Yorkies or Maltese...I have 2 Chi's and I LOVE :heart: them to pieces!!
  7. CONGRATS Angel81chick!!!! You must be sososo excited!! Puppy's are the best gymangel812 gave THE BEST advice for getting a new puppy, the best place is a breeder referred from a dog show, or a rescue. Pet stores are BAD.

    Anyhoo I have a Yorkie (his pic is my Av) he is the love of my life. Literally, I love him to peices, and IMO yorkies are great dogs, smart and great personalities, they are silly and loving. I cant say enough good.
  8. Congratulations! Don't know much about yorkies or maltese other than they are super cute! You must be so excited! :wlae:
  9. I have a maltese and I love her sooooooo much. And yes I treat her like she's my daughter. If you get a maltese, just be prepared to show it alot of affection which I'm sure you will because they are so cute. My maltese is pretty well behaved but I wish I would have trained her a little better to do tricks when she was a puppy.
  10. Wow...thanks so much everyone.

    Never thought of going to a dogshow...will definitely have to do that.

    I have so much research ahead of me...but the only 2 conditions I was given were that it has to be a small dog and i have to take a week off when i get it so that i can assimilate the puppy with the 2 cats....i guess...but who cares!! I get a puppy!! :yahoo:

    Definitely no on pet stores....was thinking about a rescue dog...all our animals have been rescued!
  11. Out of your choices I would go with yorki.
  12. Yah!!!! We got a puppy a few mos ago..she turns 1 on Friday! Love puppies and puppy stories.

    Well, I have 4 pups and I consider all of them puppies....
  13. YEAH! Rescue! :woohoo: :yahoo: So happy for you!
  14. Yay!!! So happy for you...definitely use petfinder.com to search for small dogs in your area that need a home! Good luck!
  15. Congrats! So happy to hear you're thinking of a rescue. petfinder is a great spot to find a rescue. You may want to consider an older dog (2 -3) small dogs live longer and a lot of them will be over the constant chewing and some may be house trained too. I would also recommend googling "dog breed selector" for some help figuring out what breed fits in with your lifestyle/personality/household. Googling the different breeds should also help you get a good idea of what type of dog will work best for you. Congrats again!